About Me

I thought I would update my "about me" as it wasn't very informative.....so here goes

Name: - Gail

Age: - 47

Height: - 5ft 4" (ish) shrinking by the year I think!!

Weight: - Sore subject! When I was in my 20's I thought I was fat and was always trying to lose weight, now looking back I don't know what the hell I was looking at in the mirror, maybe if I could of jumped into the the future to see myself now it would of cured me. Back then I was a UK 8/10 now I'm more like a 12/14 (I'm blaming red wine... never used to drink it back then...he he) Ah well back to the diet!!!

Live: - West Midlands UK

Work: - I've gone back to floristry, my one true love!! (job wise) I just love being creative and getting to meet so many lovely people everyday. Unfortunately my blog does suffer due to this occasionally

Family: - I have a wonderful Husband whom I adore, we have been married 24 years this year, it's gone SO fast, where does the time fly. I have 3 grown up children. My Daughter who is 28 who has her own place with my wonderful 3 grandchildren
My 2 cheeky monkeys

My 2 Sons still live at home they are 26 and 23.They have all grown up way to fast.
And last but not least my little baby Liluu, I adore her

Why blogging: - For at least a couple of years now I have been reading blogs and watching YouTube videos of many a beauty/fashion guru. But I must say I prefer the blogs, I love reading peoples thoughts, reviews and fashion posts. I always check the reviews before buying anything beauty/hair care wise.
I lost my beloved dog Soloman, 
Beloved Soloman
I was devastated, we had to have him put to sleep (very very sad day), it was nice that we were all there together as a family at home when it happened. After this I was rather lost and thought should I? and I decided "what the hell have I got to lose".... "just do" so I started this blog, I felt really silly at first. I kept thinking why would people want to know what I've got to say! I'm no expert at all, but I had nothing to lose. And here I am now, I LOVE it!!!! And I would just like to say a BIG thank you to all the people who follow me or read my blog, I feel deeply honoured. When I got my first follower which was NET-A-DRESSER, I jumped round the house like an idiot, I couldn't believe someone would actually want to follow me!!! thank you Helen xx

So to all my lovely readers now and future, Thank you for taking the time to comment, I love reading them all xx


  1. Hi Gail, It is so interesting to read how and why you started your blog, and your life over the years? I was so flattered that you mentioned me as your first follower, I was just the same, couldn't believe anyone would want to follow me! But I think we all love to have an insight into other peoples worlds, and blogs offer that fly on the wall camera!I love the fact your blog is so real and honest, and that we can all relate to you and your life in it! Keep up the fab work!!.... xx

  2. Yes Helen, in our own way we are all secret stalkers...he he...in good type of way though. You keep up the good work too, love your blogs and your style, you go girl :) many thanks again xxx

  3. It is always so terribly sad when a beloved pet of the family has to be put to sleep. I think I have several holes in my heart that will never heal completely when we had to put our pug Mitsou of 17 years and our Lovebird Midas also of 17 years to sleep coming up on 3 years ago now. I know just how devastating it can be.

    You must be a very creative person. I thought for a while I wanted to be a florist. Then I started my scrapbooking company and then when that market died I started in on jewelry. Really I do pretty much anything that allows me to get creative.

    I'm not one much for beauty blogs since I have allergies to just about everything but I like the outfits you've created.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog ; )


  4. Wow 17 years is a fantastic age, you were so lucky to have them that long, they were obviously well loved and cared for. They will always be in our hearts.

    You must be very creative aswell to have businesses in both, I will have to go and check out your jewellery, love a bot of bling.

    Thanks also for taking the time to comment xx


So to all my lovely readers now and future, Thank you for taking the time to comment, I love reading them all xx