Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Shall I go or shall I stay?

Decisions.......decisions......decisions....... !!!!

My last post was in August!! How bad is that!

I am contemplating packing in blogging all together. I have been an extremely bad blogger, although I cant actually call myself a blogger at the moment as I haven't posted for SO long.

I have just been so busy with work I just haven't had the time like I had before. I started off working part time then it escalated to pretty much full time but recently my hours have gone back down a little again.

 I do love blogging and have missed it immensely, so at the moment I am in a massive quandary.

Shall I stay or shall I go?

I have been asking myself these questions over the past couple of weeks.
Do people really want to read my quite menial little posts? 
Do people really want to read a beauty blog from a 47 year old woman? (yep 47 now...... wow.....how the years fly!!!) 
Are people bored of my shopping posts?

I really am stuck with what to do. 

Do I give it another go 
do I walk away from it all?

What do you guys think I should do?


  1. If you miss blogging you should stay!

    1. I know I should, just lost my mojo at the moment xx

  2. Hi Gail think of it as an extended holiday and when you've got your mojo back, you can start blogging again. I always say to myself, time to give it a rest when it feels like a chore. Hope you come back though xx

    1. Thank you for your kind words Donna x My problem is I give things I do in life 110% so work has been receiving that lately instead of my blog. I think I need to step back a little from work and try and spilt my time to concentrating more on my blog.....which is ME time. I may start with a new blog layout and see if that can get my mojo back xx

  3. Hi Gail. You should only blog if you feel passionate about it. I've been blogging for five years and have loved every moment of it. Maybe find yourself a focus for the blog that you can get passionate about. Clearly age is relevant, but maybe you can find something related but additional to that. I blog about my search for style as an older man, but have also developed in interest in British menswear manufacture. I also like to snipe at the fashion industry for rarely using older men in adverts. I'm older than you, but our demographic is larger and more affluent than any other, so our voice is needed out there.

    I hope you find your enthusiasm again.


    1. Thank you very much David for you comment. I have been thinking in the direction of a change with my blog theme. I am working on it now, thank you for your kind/constructive boost! xx


So to all my lovely readers now and future, Thank you for taking the time to comment, I love reading them all xx