Sunday, 22 May 2016

Disappointing products!!

 Just a few disappointing products I have come across recently

Maybelline Master sculpt £6.99

I was not impressed with this in the slightest! I bought the light/medium shade as I am quite pale naturally, I wasn't expecting it to be quite so pale though. This wasn't the actually problem with this product, it was the highlighter far to glittery for my liking! On younger skin it would probably work just fine but its a definite no no for my ageing skin

Revolution Palette Essential Mattes £4.00

Great colours, staying power VERY disappointing but ultimately played havoc with my sensitive eyes. Only used a couple of times. I suppose you get what you pay for!

Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara £4.99

A very well liked product in the beauty world but I'm honestly not a fan at all, I cannot see the hype around this product. I hated the way it left my brows feeling almost crispy

Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer £6.99

I do love a good primer and this for me isnt one of those! I used this on holiday hoping it would keep my foundation from sliding of my face but unfortunately it didn't hold up in the heat. I also couldn't stand how it felt on my skin it was very thick almost glue like, making my face feel very sticky and horrible

NIVEA Micellar Water £3.99

I gave this try as it was on offer at the time. I wont be purchasing this again. I took an age to get my eye make up off with it. I will just stick to my Garnier version from now on


  1. Gail...I love how you give such an honest opinion! Make up can be such a waste of money, and it's not like you can take it back...unless of course you have a reaction...which you should do with the revolution palette perhaps? I was thrilled to find that my local branch of Boots are now doing the Bioderma water...which is brilliant and I can really recommend it...takes make up off in one swoop, and doesn't hurt my eyes, which are quite sensitive too. Hope your having a great weekend, and keep giving these great reviews...It will save us all a fortune?!
    Helen xx

    1. I ended up giving the palette to my Daughter :) I keep meaning to pick up the Bioderma every time I'm in Boots but keep forgetting, mind like a sieve :) Hope you have had a fantastic weekend too Helen xxx


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