Monday, 8 February 2016

Shopping fun

Just had to be done!!! with  working so much lately I was having massive shopping withdrawal symptoms. Here's a couple of things I have picked up

Rimmel Lipstick £6.99 Shade Naught Nude, yet another nude for my collection, although it is a slightly darker nude so that to me is justification.....he......he.......

Barry M "Rose hip" £3.99 pretty pastel pink
These two are definitely coming on holiday with me!

Excess is one of my fave mascara, I haven't tried the couture before though, will let you know how it goes

Hopefully it will help keep my foundation on a little longer whilst on holiday on the warm humid evenings

Old faithful! I love this foundation it last really well with a lovely dewy finish

I don't very often wear powder but when I do this is the one for me as its so fine and doesn't clog

Lastly a couple of dresses to wear on the evening on holiday

Primark £13.99, perfect for evenings out side, the sleeves are sheer and ideal for helping keeping the mosquitoes from biting me to high heaven like they usually do

Primark, I cant actually remember how much this one but think it was very similar to the one above

Friday, 5 February 2016

Something for the weekend .............. Flutter By

It's been quite a while since I did one of these but as I have a few days off it was the ideal opportunity. I SO want to go shopping now though after looking at the lovely clothes.....he.....he.....

Oasis dress £45.00
Warehouse jacket £185.00
River Island tassel boots £45.00

Have a fantastic weekend all