Wednesday, 29 April 2015

April monthly favourites

Not that many this month as it's been rather a hectic month for me with one thing or another

  1. My little poochie.....Liluu.......she hasn't been very well just lately as many of you know. Shes definitely give me a few grey hairs the past couples of weeks. Shes not quite herself yet but she is getting better all be it very slowly.
  2. Bourjois aqua laque in 02 Rose on the rocks, I'm slightly addicted to the Bourjois rouge editions ranges at the moment, I've just bought a couple more recently. Shopping post to follow soon....
  3. InstaNatural vitamin C moisturiser...... a newbie in my skincare regime. Full review here
  4. Maybeline colour tattoo in creamy beige, this has been my go to this month with all the rushing around I seem to have done lately. It's just so quick and easy to use.
  5. Hydraluron moisture jelly, I have been using this along side the moisturiser above, must be the weather as my skin has been so dreadful just lately. The more moisture the better :) you can see the review I did on this last month here
  6. Breville active blender another favourite go to this month, just merely because of the quickness of it and because they just taste so yummy.

Monday, 27 April 2015

InstaNatural vitamin C moisturiser review

I’m always on the lookout for a good moisturiser that won’t aggravate my very dry and quite sensitive ageing skin.  So when I was asked to try this product recently I jumped at the chance as I love Natural products as they are usually less irritating on the skin.

So far so good with this product. I am very impressed with the moisturising aspect it leaves my skin silky smooth but be careful not to use too much you only need a touch.

You will know if you have to much as it goes like this and takes ages to rub in.

It’s just perfect for my skin as it has no scent which as many of you know who have sensitive skin scented products are usually a big no no!!

It says to only use once a day for sensitive skin but as it didn’t aggravate my skin in any way I used it twice a day and it is working wonders. I have even been using it around my eye area which is fantastic as this is usually the place I get a reaction from any products first. This may be due to one of the main ingredients being Aloe Vera, which is great for my type of skin, I very often suffer with eczema on my eyelids but I haven’t had any since using this. I also the other day, stupidly, managed to get a spot of weed killer on my face whilst I was gardening. It flared up horribly, this product has helped no end, again it must be the something to do with the Aloe Vera.
I cannot comment on the reducing lines claim for this moisturiser just yet as I haven’t used it for long enough but I would say it is having an effect on my slightly uneven skin tone.

The only downside to this moisturiser is that it has no SPF maybe they will make one with protection soon

Have you tried any of the InstaNatural range? I now have my eye on a few more products in their range which you can get through Amazon. The range is very reasonably priced and judging by how much I have been using of the moisturiser it is going to last me for absolutely ages, so very good value for money, which I like very much!!!

Thursday, 23 April 2015

I'm still here ...........

Just a really quick post to let you all know I haven't fell off the earth. I have had a LOT going on the past two weeks and as many of you know from Twitter and Instagram that my little poochie has been very poorly this week. Its been a horrible week waiting to see what is wrong with her, fortunately we got the all clear regarding any tumours yesterday. They think she has inflammatory bowel disease as her protein and cholesterol levels are very very low that's why they admitted her immediately. She is now home, thankfully, I'm being nurse to her and pampering her (even more than before :) ) Its going to take time to get her levels back up again and a lot of trips to the vets.........thank god for pet insurance!!!

I am hoping to resume normal post very soon, hopefully next week but it all depends on how she goes really.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Bourjois Colorband 2-in-1 eyeshadow and liner review

I hope you had a wonderful long Easter holiday!!! I did, it all kicked off on Friday which was my birthday, the Hubby took me out for a lovely meal and the rest of the weekend I have spent with my wonderful family.........shame it's all over now though............anyway let's get on with the review.............

I got these little cuties a couple of weeks ago

I bought them in the shades Brun dadaiste and Rose fauviste
They claim to be 24 hour hold with no smudging, they also claim to be waterproof. I cannot comment on the 24 hour hold as I don't think I have ever wore make up for 24 hours solid, but staying power on a normal days wear was pretty good. I also cant comment on the waterproof bit, it would be amazing if they do as they would be perfect for holidays.
They did however last really well on my hooded eyelids where most eye shadow usually disappears very quickly or transfer to my upper eye. I would say these would be particularly fantastic for the over 40 and  because of there creaminess and staying power.

I've used these on there own and also as a base especially with my Urban decay palettes which as we all know that although very beautiful shades they don't have the greatest staying power. For me the Colorband are on a par with the Maybelline tattoo eyeshadows and very reasonavly priced at just £5.99

I'm ever so slightly obsessed with these at the moment (they were in my March monthly favourtites which you can see here) as they are just so fantastically quick and easy to apply.The fact that you have to sharpen these may deter some people but that doesn't bother me in the slightest.
I now have my eye on the rest of the collection, they are currently on offer, 3 for 2 at the moment so I may be purchasing a couple more today!
I do hope Bourjois extend the colour selection as I really love the formula.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

March monthly favourites

  1. My lovely Dorothy Perkins tan bag they also do this in a gorgeous blue colour!! Ive got my beady eye on that!!!
  2. Colab dry shampoo I prefer this SO much more to batiste, better scent and no residue
  3. OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk I bought this a couple of weeks ago as a replacement for my Dove leave in conditioner which I couldn't find anywhere.......does anyone know if they have stopped doing it? Actually I couldn't find any leave in conditioner at all....... So far I am loving this coconut oil, its so lightweight and leaves my hair feeling amazing. Ive even tried a tiny bit on the dog just before I blow dried her worked fantastic her fur was SO soft and so much easier to comb for many days afterwards.
  4. Clinique mini lip glosses, these have been great to just throw in my bag
  5. Bourjois colorband eyeshadow & liner I have been just loving these, I want all of the colours now!! I will do a review of these very soon
  6. Maybelline eraser concealer my new favourite concealer at the moment
  7. Seventeen gel colour I was quite impressed with the staying power of this polish to be honest especially as it's so cheap, its super glossy to!!!

That's what I have been loving this month.......What about you, what have been your favourites?