Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Just a little one......

Just to let all you guys know, I’m having a little blogging break
just to re-charge my batteries and just basically get on top of everything
Feeling a little swamped at the moment

I’m hoping to be back sometime next week
I will still be around on Twitter and Instagram
And I will still be catching up with all your lovely posts
I just wont be posting

Hope you all have an amazing week
See you all very soon




Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Yet another lipstick !!

I have been on the hunt for a darker lipstick for the Autumn/Winter 
 as many of you know I'm very much a nude girl but I fancied a change 
so I opted for this shade in the end

Couldn't resist the smell of this fro Lush

I don't actually own a matt topcoat so as Boots had an offer on Bourjois buy one get one half price I got this which should of been £5.99

I slipped off the no buying any more nail polishes wagon again!!!!

And finally I bought this a while ago and had completely forgot about it
It was reduced in New Look to £4.00.....bargain!!

Monday, 15 September 2014

Weekend events

I had a busy weekend

Saturday I had a wedding booked

So I spent most of Saturday doing that as the wedding wasn't until 4pm

If I do say so myself it looked lovely when it was all finished

And Sunday we decided to go for a walk up Malvern Hills

We've never been up there before
the weather was very nice

the dog was absolutely shattered at the end!!!!

That was about it for my weekend
Hope you all enjoyed yours

Friday, 12 September 2014

Something for the Weekend........ Hat Tricks

Sorry for the lack of post on Wednesday 
but I wasn't very well I caught a sickness bug of my Granddaughter,
 amazing isn't it she hasn't been ill all school holiday and then one day back at school and she gets a bug.....typical!!!!

Oasis dress £65.00
Dorothy Perkins fedora £14.00
Topshop bag £36.00
New Look loafers £22.99

Here's hoping the sun will stick around this weekend :)

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Monday, 8 September 2014

Beauty related purchases

Just a few things I have purchased recently on different occasions whenever they were on offer

Got2b Oil licious £3.00 Never tried this before but I like this range so I thought I would give it a go
Got2b Volumising Powder £2.66 Pretty much the same as above I also though it would be perfect size for my holiday
Dove Leave In Spray £3.59 I adore this leave in conditioner is been in my hair routine forever now, slightly blurry bottle though!! make me feel rather sick looking at it!!!

Boots Time Delay Skin Radiance Booster £3.74 Bought this whilst it was on offer. To be honest I've never heard of this range but I thought I would give it a go also I have been looking around for smaller tubes of products to take on my holiday.
Simple Hydro Mist £2.98 I use this anyway but thought I would get a new one so I can use it on the plane
Boots Time Delay Mature Skin Eye Cream £4.74 Again I bought this as it was on offer

I'm trying save up some of my pennies so I can buy the Chanel foundation and one the perfumes from my previous posts at duty free hence why I am trying to be a bit frugal!!!

Happy Monday all :)

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

This or that? Beauty list

I thought I would enlist in the help of all my wonderful readers
on deciding on a few things?


I've been toying with buying one of these for some time now
I've heard so many good things about Vitalumiere, I just love luminous foundations

One of these may have to be an airport purchase when I go on holiday
just not sure which one yet

Just cant decide on which one of these either!!
Both so different but both so yummy
I really like both of them

Blusher wise
Clarins or Benefit?
choices........... choices.......

Have you tried any of these? if you have please let me know what you think of them

If you haven't I would still love your advice as to which you think I should go for

Monday, 1 September 2014

August monthly favourites

1.  Necklace from eBay, I have worn this to death this month

2.  Fushi coconut oil £8.95 at This stuff is amazing you can just about do anything with it, put it on your skin, your hair or even cook with it. I use it every other night on my face and neck, I just leave it to soak in overnight. My skin feels so soft in the morning. I have use it once a week as a hair mask. Now I hate the smell of coconut! it makes me feel sick but this stuff hasn't got a strong smell at all, I suppose its because it has no artificial coconut scent added and it just in its pure form. I just love it!!!

3.  Media city at Salford Quays, Manchester, my old home town. Went for a mooch around last weekend with friends and stumbled upon the Tardis ....he.....he..... I've always been a bit of a Doctor Who fan, although I'm not sure about the new one.

4.  My bike, it has been lovely having the time to get out on it so much just lately.

5.  Barry M Damson nail polish, I just love this colour so much its definitely going to be a repeat purchase for my collection.

6.  Finally my total obsession at the minute unsweetened Macchaito cant get enough of them!!!

That's it for my monthly favorites

 Not very many this month I did struggle picking them to be honest