Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Eat your heart out finished

So last week me and the Hubby did this detox
It went quite well apart from just a couple of the days

Day 1 Fruit day

This day wasn't to bad, the only real issue I had with this day was I craved hot food!!!
As we could only eat fruit I ended up Baking some peaches which cured the craving
 We both also had a headache by the end of the day

Day 2 Veg day

We did cheat slightly cheat on breakfast we had a little scrambled egg
Today was quite easy as I'm vegetarian, the Hubby found it slightly more challenging.
The worse bit about today was not being able to have a glass of wine in the evening, we really did struggle with that and ended having an early night as we felt very very tired.

Day 3 Fruit & Veg day

Today was a breeze, the Hubby however was starting to have meat withdrawal.
For dinner I made a vegetable curry with cauliflower rice, which was surprisingly nice
We felt slightly less tired today and ventured to the gym, although I did struggle slightly on the treadmill near the end.

Day 4 Banana Day

Not a good day!!! 
Now I love bananas but I did struggle today
Went for a nice long bike ride to try and take my mind of all the nanas!!!
Went to bed very early that night just to get the day over with

Day 5 Poultry & Tomato Day

Absolutely horrendous day for anyone being a vegetarian
I had Quorn roast instead of meat
I could't even eat the tomatoes above

Day 6 Poultry & Veg Day
No photos from this day but today was better being able to eat veg again
I made a pasta sauce and instead of spaghetti we had ribbons of butternut squash
which I will definitely do again like the cauliflower rice.

Day 7 Brown rice, Fruit & veg Day
Sorry no photos again
Another great day
Veggie style paella for lunch and stir fried veg for tea

All in all I felt really good by the end of the week
I would definitely do this again for a detox purpose but I would have to leave out the banana day
 and also the Poultry & Tomato day
This detox has made me look at the way we eat instead of 3 larger meals a day we are eating when we are hungry which is around 5 times a day, but we have found we are eating a lot less and a lot more healthier.

By the end of it I lost 3 pounds and the Hubby lost 7
But we didn't do it for weight loss it was merely to detox

We both feel fantastic!!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

NOTD....Barry M Damson

Thought I would try this colour this week
Ive been really loving blues the past few months,
maybe it's all the lovely sunny weather we have had recently.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Loving Autumn with Gray & Osbourn

I was recently contacted by Gray and Osbourn 
and I asked if I would style one of the item from there new AW14 range
I chose this beautiful Joseph Ribkoff dress * which is an online exclusive


The photos just don't do this dress any justice at all really, the fabric is lovely and thick and hangs so beautifully, it skims over all the little lumps and bumps that quite a lot of us have....he....he...
It is also fully lined.

I've decide I have far to many clothes in my wardrobe, 
my aim now is to collect classic pieces to that I can wear year after year.
I chose this dress as it fits exactly into this category
and that its black which is my favorite colour (even though its not technically a colour!!!

As a size guide I'm 5ft 4" and it comes just below my knee (perfect length for me)

I styled it with this white scarf as a shoulder wrap from Primark
 Pale pink clutch bag from eBay
Black shoes from New Look

I didn't want to wear a jacket with it as hides the flattering pattern on the dress
but I had to have something to cover the top of my arms
 (which are not one of my favorite parts of my body )

I love it
I makes me look like I have a bit of a waist that I don't really have

The Hubby says its an Ascot contender for next year!!
I will hold him to that ....he....he....

My accessories are: -
Black ring was an Christmas pressie from Hubby a few years ago
Black freshwater pearl bracelet from my time working with pearls
Hair slide is actually a brooch that my Mother in law left me when she passed away

I will definitely be checking out Gray & Osbourn again

Have you made any purchases from them recently?

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Oh by the way..............sorry about the keys in the door, didn't notice them till way after!!!
 I buy a key box to put keys in but they never ever use it!!!
Its the little purple box on the wall, not difficult is it? 
but then again were talking about men here.....he....he....

Friday, 15 August 2014

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Eat your heart out.......

So I have decide to give this a go
Im not really doing it to lose weight its more for the cleansing/detoxing element of it

I dont really believe in these type of "diets" that claim to make you lose weight fast
as thats just not the way to do it to keep the weigh off.

I suffer with IBS and sometimes it gets really bad.
This week has been rather a bad week.
 So occasionally I like to detox, 
it may not help everyone but it helps me

The longest Ive detoxed before is 3 days so Im looking forward to giving this one a go
just not sure about a couple of the days though as Im vegetarian so it will be challenging :)

I will let you know how I get on next week as I am starting it tomorrow

Have any of you tried ths before?

Monday, 11 August 2014

Quiet weekend

I hope you all had a lovely weekend
Mine was so lovely and peaceful, just me and the Hubby

This was my Saturday night outfit
we just went to a local restaurant

Top - Dorothy Perkins (old)
Jeggings - H & M 

Sandals - Dorothy Perkins (old)
Nail polish - George Shipwrecked

Bracelets - assorted
Rings - Primark
Nail polish - NYC Peach Popsicle

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

A few of my nude lipsticks

I have just a little obsession with Nudeish lipsticks.....he.....he......
As you may notice I have a scar on the bottom of my lip that looks like a lump, I fell off a wall when I was 5 years old whilst being chased by a boy with a worm, I was scared of worms way back then....he....he....
Its not that bad really just a lot more noticeable with darker lipsticks. looks like I have a permanent cold sore!!
that's why I love my nude lipsticks so much

This is my latest favorite at the moment
I do like pinky nudes

This a great everyday throw on lipstick
Its lovely and creamy

I'm not a massive Maybelline lipstick person I just don't get on with their formulas 
but this one does work for me surprisingly

This is a new addition to my collection
I do like the formula of this

Love the minty smell of this although is slightly glittery when it starts to wear off

I though I would through a lip gloss in the mix
I don't usually wear much lip gloss, I hate the stickiness of them but this one isn't too bad

So that's a selection of my nude lip sticks
doing this post has made me realize how similar a lot of them are

I need to just tell myself to walk away the next time I see a nude lip stick!.....he.....he.........

Monday, 4 August 2014

The last of my spending for now!!!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
I did, we had family down from Manchester, it was very manic but great fun.
Saturday we had an Hawaiian barbecue 
and Sunday was spent nursing hangovers :)

So today I though I would share with you all some of the things I've bought recently 
These are from the last few weeks 

Floral skirt - Tesco £14.99 even though I only bought this the other week I can't find it on there website (as seen on this post)
Spotted skirt - H & M this was out of there basic range £3.99 (similar here)
Basic vests - Primark £2.50
Striped dress - H & M, its the same design as the one I bought recently (you can see that here) but in a different colour
Lace pumps - Joe Browns, in the sale £12.99, just because I don't own anything like this :)
Tunic top - Joe Browns, in the sale  £14.95, I liked the contrast in prints on this.

Then for a few accessories

Bracelets and bird necklace - Matalan both £2.50
Black and white scarf - Primark £3.00 each, I'm planning on using these as sarongs on my holiday
Midi rings - Primark £1.50, great for my holiday where I will probably lose them all...he...he...
Silver ring - H & M £2.99 (excuse my wrinkly old hands!!)
Stripe bag - Joe Browns, in the sale £16.95 my new beach bag

That's about it
I'm not planning on buying any more to go in my wardrobe

I'm in need of beauty related item next