Wednesday, 30 July 2014

July monthly favourites

  1. Dorothy Perkins floral sandals  I have worn these to death this month, just adore them.
  2. LOreal Eyeshadow Palette in  Rose Memories - such pretty light summery shades gives just a wash of colour, I tend not to wear a lot of eye shadow in the summer, no point with wearing sunglasses.
  3. St Tropez Mousse first time I've ever tried this, love it! I have been using this religiously.
  4. YSL Rouge Volupté Shine in Coral Intuitive, gorgeous for the summer
  5. Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream this is my go to in the summer, I much prefer this to a foundation at this time of year.
  6. Barry M nail polish in Damson (strange name as its blue!) have been liking this very much, such a gorgeous bright blue.
  7. White water rafting we did this when we holidayed in Wales, best thing ever! such an adrenalin rush :)
  8.  Sun and wine :) great combination...........whenever .......he......he.......

That's it for my favorites this month

Monday, 28 July 2014

For the love of floral.....

I'm just obsessed with these sandals I bought last week from Dorothy Perkins
which you can see here

They are so comfy

I paired it with this skirt that I got from Tesco
(more to come on that and a few other buys soon)
And a plain black t-shirt

Simple plain black freshwater pearl pendant
and assorted silver coloured rings

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Recent disappointing products

I really don't like this product. I bought it as I have tried some of the Eucerin range before and loved them all.....except this one. First of all its the consistency is too thin for me, I prefer a slightly thicker cream, this is very watery, really they should change its name from cream to fluid. Second is the smell it doesn't have a scent as such it just reeks of alcohol, not very nice at all. And thirdly its the fact it has no SPF in it I know a lot of day creams don't but I prefer them with.

A pre-cleanser, I've never tried one before so I thought I would give this a try. All I can say is its not for me, I really didn't like how it left my face feeling, maybe I was using it wrong. So instead I use it as a leave on night treatment twice a week, which works perfectly for me as I have very dry skin. 
It leaves my skin feeling amazing in the mornings.
So at least all is not lost with this product.

I have thick hair so I bought this thinking if I just add this to my roots around my crown it might give me a little bit of volume there.................nope.............epic fail!!!!!
I wasn't asking for much maybe just a little lift but no, it just left my roots can I explain it, a little dirty and slightly brittle (if that makes any sense)
I get more volume from a few squirts of dry shampoo compared to this.
So for me another fail, maybe if you've got fine it may well work but I've always found these type of "volume" product rarely work for me.

So that's about if for my disappointing products from recently
I'm sure I could of put quite a few mascaras in there but there would of been far too many to list,
I gave most of them to my Daughter, also I have lost track and cant remember which ones were the worst....he......he......

Monday, 21 July 2014

A few Holiday buys

Even though I'm not going on holiday until November I thought I would make a start on buying a few bits as I doubt there will be much choice left come the Autumn.

First stop Dorothy Perkins

I got this on Friday they cost me £12.00 but at the moment they are £15.30
I had had my eye on the white ones for ages but they didn't have my size left 
so I ended up getting the black instead

Next Debenhams

Not that I actually need another but hey ho what the hell .....he.....he......

Then onto H & M

This was in their basics range £7.99
Bargain for the beach!!!

I also picked up some jeggings

So soft and comfy

And last but not least of course Primark

Maxi dress reduced to £8.90

So that's about far anyway
I have a few more things on my list to get before the sales end

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Water marbling attempt

I got bored last night
So I decided to give water marbling a go

Not a very good attempt I must add
Its definitely going to take a LOT of practice!!!!

These You tubers make it look so easy!!

NYC nail polish in Blue sky

Better luck next time....he.....he.....

Monday, 14 July 2014

Mexico bound

Ever since we came home from holiday last week we have been looking for our next one
We like having something to look forward to

After hours of trawling through numerous websites we finally found one


I am SO excited
Unfortunately its not till November, but hey ho it will be here before we know it, 
I mean its only 163 days to Christmas!!!

Have any of you been to Mexico in November? 
If  you have please let me know below what the weathers like
That's my only worry
Were going to Riviera Maya

I just need to go through all the sales now to find a few holiday bits 
before all the Autumn stuff hits the rails :)

I picked up these couple of things yesterday from Superdrug

I can take just this little palette instead of one of my Naked ones, as I'm scared it might break

These will be great for my toiletries and the smaller one will be good for my handbag.
Saves me using one of those annoying plastic bags at the airport.

So roll on Mexico, cant wait :)
This will be our first holiday without any kids for 11 years
That will be very weird!! 

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Back from my adventure

We had such an amazing holiday.
I've never done an adventure type holiday before, to be honest it has never really appealed to me but how wrong I was..........I loved it, such an adrenaline rush (for me anyway :) )

The weather was pretty good to say it was North Wales, it didn't rain until Thursday
We stayed at our ever faithful Capel Maentwrog

We got there on the Saturday, our friends came down to spend the weekend with us so off out for lunch down the local pub.

Sunday was lovely weather so we went for a walk along Harlech beach before lunch

Then we sat outside after lunch with a few more liquid refreshments :)

Monday brought the dreaded White water rafting!!!
This was what I was scared of the most, I'm not a massive fan of water 
I've got a bit of a fear of drowning.

Obviously that wasn't us as it wasn't possible to get a photo of us as all
as our belonging were locked away.
I was terrified as we were took up for our first run (we had four in total)
But I must say after the first run I loved it, my adrenaline was on overload.
We got so wet and laughed so much, it was such great fun
Definitely want to do it again!!
I never in a million years thought I would ever say that!!!!

Tuesday was another beach day as the weather was good again

The dog loved it, she got so wet

Black rock sands, lovely massive beach with caves at one end

And of course an Ice cream man .....he......he.....

Wednesday we attempted Mount Snowdon

We only actually got half way, this for me was more scary than the rafting 
because of my fear of heights.

We got to the half way shack and then turned around.
Later we watched a few of the climbs on you tube and I'm so glad we turned back, I really couldn't of done them!!!

Thursday was Mountain biking 

Unfortunately I don't have any photos of this day
It was a great day even though it rained first thing, it just made it more fun going through the puddles.
We did get rather muddy......he....he.....
I would most definitely do this again it was amazing and I only fell off once...he...he.....

Friday was chill day plus it rained all day long which we weren't bothered about as by this time I was done in. I was a little shall we say saddle sore :)

So that was about it for our adventure week
It was so nice spending a whole week with my family
Cant wait to do it again :)