Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas eve "The Elves box"

Every year I do a Christmas eve box for my grandchildren

They think that Santa's elves bring it to the children who have been good.

I start of with a plain old box and cover it in paper

This year I added PJ's as I had seen it somewhere on a blog, cant remember where, think old age is kicking in with my memory....he....he....
Since then I've heard of quite a few people who give PJ's on Christmas eve as a tradition, I think its a lovely idea.

 So this is what I put inside this year

Two onesies (had to be Minnie Mouse for the youngest, shes obsessed!!)
A smurfs DVD (another obsession)
Gingerbread biscuits
Hot chocolate drinks with snowmen marshmallows (of course)
A glass painting kit with two jar and two tea lights. I used to do this with mine when they were younger. They paint the jars to how they want and afterwards add the tea light, this is so that Santa can see better when he comes to drop the presents off. My lot used to love it when they were little.

 Add a big red bow and there it is

So on Christmas eve when it starts to turn dark I put the box outside the front door, ring the bell and hide round the corner so I can watch there little faces when they come to the door. They get SO excited. 

I love it........ kids just make Christmas so magical.

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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

NOTD Jumper style

Rocking it old school style!!!

Ciate nail polish in Shooting Star
with this over

from Sparkly Nails check them out here

Just like being a kid again....he....he....

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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Rimmel Wake me up foundation review

I bought this Rimmel wake me up foundation a few weeks ago as I had heard so much about it and wanted to give it a go.
I usually use my ever faithful Estée Lauder resilience but as I'm nearing the end of the bottle I though I would try a high street brand as a stop gap so to speak. I have tried Bourjois healthy mix in the past and even though I quite liked it it didn't quite hit the spot for me.

I like a very light foundation as as many of you know I hate the feeling of anything heavy on my face be it foundation or creams. This foundation is slightly heavier than I like but I guess that's because it gives me more coverage than my Estée Lauder.
Once I get past the initial application and apply the rest of my make up its not too bad to be honest. I'm not saying its a really heavy foundation (far from it) its just heavier for me.

The application is lovely, its very creamy and leaves a gorgeous dewy finish, which was what initially what drew me to it.

I've applied it with a brush and a beauty sponge and both finishes were great. It is a lot more buildable than my Estée Lauder, great for when I need more that bit more coverage.
Its got great staying power too. I have wore this mainly when I need my make up to last with out too many touch ups, so perfect for nights out or long shopping trips (he...he...)

I wore it yesterday when I went shopping.

I have very dry skin so the dewy finish is great for me and it doesn't cling to any dry patches that occasionally flare up.

So to sum it up..... I think (for me) its one of the best high street foundation about at the moment.
I'm not keen on L'Oreal or Max factors foundation far to thick and heavy, and although I like Bourjois it just isn't quite dewy enough for me (I'm very fussy....he....he....)

I bought it in the shade Ivory and it is far too light for me so I will definitely be re-purchasing but in a darker shade so I can mix them and get my use out of it.

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Monday, 16 December 2013

More skirts & Shopping

Off to finish my last bits of Christmas shopping. 
Still trying to wear as many of my dresses and skirts as I can.

Top - George at Asda (old)
Skirt - Primark
Boots - Dorothy Perkins

Hope you all have a great Monday

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Friday, 13 December 2013

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Love my florals

Thought I would get some wear out of my dresses before the weather changes again

Just loving my new boots, haven't taken them off since I got them....he...he....

Cardigan - Primark
Belt - Primark
Necklace - Topshop

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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Liluu's 1st Birthday

Yesterday was my little pooch Liluu's 1st birthday, it has gone so fast.
So on Sunday I made her a birthday cake. Now I know a lot of you must thing I must be mad/sad its just a dog (my family certainly do!!!!) but I thought why not, there's no harm in it is there?

So this is what I made for her

Its a sort of meat loaf type cake. It turned out a little bit bigger than I imagined but it doesn't matter as some will go to her best friend Ted and his sisters Saffy and Tizzy.
I used Naturo wet food in chicken flavour, mixed it with cooked rice, extra chicken and grated carrot, then added a tablespoon of peanut butter just to hold it all together. It looked disgusting to be honest.

I then iced it with mash potatoes.

She absolutely loved it

I know I may be a little sad but I don't care, I love my little poochie shes part of our family.

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Monday, 9 December 2013

New boots and other things

I ordered these boots online, I'm usually a size 5 in Dorothy Perkins, but when they arrived I couldn't even get my foot in them. So off I trawled through all the Christmas shoppers up to the shop to change them to a size 6. Now they are a little large...... I just cant win!!! I will just have to wear thicker socks. My problem is I have quite broad feet at the front but slim around the heel so I do struggle with shoes and boots every time.
Apart from that I love the boots, I wanted a plain pair with no buckles on. They were originally £45.00 online I got them for £31.50.

(Bit difficult to see them in the photo)

I also got a few other things as well. This jumper above this was reduced from £22.00 to £13.00

A black patterned  top was £12.00 got for £7.00

This basic green tube skirt from £10.00 to £7.00
(sorry it wasn't packaged very well and was very creased)

And when I popped to exchange the boots at Dorothy Perkins I also popped into Boots and picked this up to try. I have been struggling with a little bit of eczema on my one eye lid recently so I though I would give this a try.

I do wish these stores would stop putting offers out!!! 
Its very distracting when your trying to Christmas shop!!!

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Thursday, 5 December 2013

My Black dresses........I wish !!!!

I have been looking at black dresses as even though its my favorite colour I don't actually own strange is that !?!?!
You would of thought I would of had lots but No, not even a day one.
So bring on the party season...... here are the ones I like, I cant necessarily afford some of them but non the less still like them....he...he

Black & Lace

Beautysets - Black & Lace
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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Winter Tag

I was recently tagged by Andrea from Cous Cous & Cork Wedges to do the Winter tag and I thought what the heck I will give it a go.

The rules of the tag are:

Share 12 random facts about yourself.

Answer the 12 questions.

List 12 bloggers you wish to tag & pass the tag on by letting them know you've nominated them (unfortunately couldn't get hold of some of them)

It is a little long winded but here goes......

My 12 Random Facts:

1. I hate clutter, big time!!! makes me feel claustrophobic.

2. I'm SO scared of heights!!! always have been, I really struggle walking over bridges or even driving over them especially the ones in France. Why do they have to make them so big!!!

3. I'm addicted to Greek yogurt, just cant get enough of the damn stuff.

4. I watched both of my Granddaughters being born, its was the most amazing thing ever!!!

5. I've always wanted a motorbike but my Husband would never let me have one.

6. I love to cook.......anything, I love experimenting. I think Jamie Oliver's recipes are great too.

7. I'm a sucker for red wine especially a good Rioja.

8. I once met Kelly Jones out of the Stereophonics outside our Hotel in Nottingham, I froze like an idiot and couldn't speak, we didn't have any paper to get his autograph so he signed a £10 note for me. We had actually gone to Nottingham to watch them play. It was amazing.

9. I didn't learn how to drive until I was 27, I just loved to walk every where but as the kids got older and their social calendars grew and they needed to go places, Dads taxi turned into Moms taxi.

10. I'm a born and bred northern lass.

11. I cant stand the X Factor!!! and others alike!!!

12. I love watching films, the whole family do, we love nothing more than getting snowed in and having a film marathon.

And the questions:

1. What are your favourite things about winter?
Wearing scarfs everyday, wearing lots layers, cosy fires.

2. What is your favourite winter outfit?
Jumper, Jeggings, Boots and a gorgeous scarf

3. What is your favourite winter food?
Veggie Tater ash, crust and pickled red cabbage (Its the northern girl in me) reminds me of my childhood. Carb overload!!!!

4. What is your favourite winter drink?
Got to be mulled wine, it just screams winter!!

5. How do you like your make up in the winter?
I usually go darker on the eyes, using a lot more eyeliner.

6. What are you hoping Santa brings you?
To be honest I don't really want anything, all I wanted was a big family Christmas with everyone together and I've got that.

7. What is your favourite winter scent?
Anything with spiced berries in it or my usual favorite scent vanilla....I adore anything vanilla

8. What is your favourite winter memory?
Watching my old dog playing in the snow, he absolutely adored it. I miss him so much.

9. What is your dream way to spend a winters day?
A long ramble with the Hubby and the Dog, then lunch in a little country pub with a big glass of red sat by a roaring fire....bliss

10. What are the first 3 things that remind you of winter?
Scarfs, snow, dark nights.

11. What is your favourite winter song?
It would have to be White Christmas by Bing Crosby (my favorite Christmas film too)

12. Finish this sentence.....If I could have one Christmas wish it would be....
For my sons friend to get new kidneys as his are failing, he is practically living on dialysis and his baby boy is due in can be so horrible sometimes

Here are the 12 blogs that I've tagged:

1. Helen @ Net-a-dresser
2. Avril @ School Gate Style 
3. Anne @ Heart and soul 
4. Jane @ The Small Fabrics Of My Life
5. Catherine @ Not Dressed As Lamb 
6. Charlotte @ Makeup by Candlelight 
7. Wendy @ Simply Sassy Style 
8. Fiona @ Avenue 57 
9. Louise @ Lou Loves Beauty 
10. Kat @ Does my bum look 40 in this 
11. Jenny @ Red Head Beauty Diaries 
12. Sharron @ Style at every age  

Sorry it was so long

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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Filling those shelves.....

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday, I had a horrible weekend. My eldest cat got very poorly over the weekend and after three vet runs I had to reluctantly say goodbye to her on Sunday afternoon.
So I really wasn't up to writing anything at all yesterday.

Anyway probably best I move on with the post as its making me very sad just thinking about it.

I got these two new additions to add to my new shelves

Barry M Red Wine £2.99
Love my Barry M, needed a new deep red and Barry filled the slot.

Seventeen Pink Glitter £2.99
I've never tried a Seventeen polish before, there range has never really grabbed me to be honest.
 Has anyone else tried them? are they any good?

I also picked this up to attempt a leopard print design (note the word attempt!!)

Barry M Black Nail art pen £4.99

And then this to get it all off with. I hate taking off dark polishes with cotton wool 
it just gets everywhere!!

Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover £4.99

So apart from Christmas pressies for everyone (which I can show else it will spoil there surprise)
this was all I got for myself
Even though I didn't need them, In my head I need to fill those shelves....

........No doubt to be continued......

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