Monday, 28 October 2013

Little blogging break

Just a quick line to let you all know I'm going to have a blogging break for a couple of days as my 13 year old Niece is coming to stay with us for the week and I'm on entertainment duties. Which will definitely mean another trip to Topshop (which is the only time I tend to go in there). But apart from that I don't know what else to do for the week. Its been quite a long time since  I've had a teenage girl around the house, my daughter is now 25, so if anyone has any suggestion they would be great received.

I will try (if I get the chance) to put a post up towards the end of the week but if not normal service will be resumed next week for sure.

So I hope you all have a Happy Halloween.

November here we come!!!!

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Thursday, 24 October 2013

NOTD...Barry M matte nail polish in Mocha

I bought this at the weekend. Its a very nice colour looks like real milk chocolate. 
I don't know how long it will actually last though as I haven't put a top coat on otherwise I would lose the matte effect.

3 days later......
They chipped after just one day, quite badly as well (probably due to the lack of topcoat), so although I love the colour I think I will be keeping this solely for one day occasions or nights out, or alternatively purchase a matte topcoat.

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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Coffee table antics

Here's a little project I have recently completed

I got this table quite a while ago from a car boot for £4, it was just before I went on Holiday in August
I've been meaning to get to grips with it for a while now but just didn't have the drive to start it.

I got it with the intention of re-vamping it, sort of like a little hobby with the intention of selling it after and giving me a bit of "pocket money" shall we say. I have done a few things like this as you may of already seen from my previous posts and I really enjoy it. I love the transformations.

This is what it looked like before, unfortunately I only took the one picture.

Basically after prepping it I painted it with white eggshell paint, covered the top with a sample piece of wallpaper and then gave it quite a few coats varnish to seal the paper and hey presto!! I'm really happy with the result.
Wonder what my next re-vamp project will be

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Monday, 21 October 2013

Retail therapy

I went and had a little retail therapy on Saturday

I popped into to Boots to get the usual boring toothpaste, deodorant etc and ended up with these few additions

I opted for a few matte shades to add to my collection

I also picked this up as I saw it on a blog I was reading the other day from and I thought "what the hell", I'd give it a go as I am a moisture boost addict after all

Then off I toddled to Primark and picked up these two snugly things. They are just plain jumpers with three buttons on each shoulder but they are so lovely and soft I couldn't resist. I got them in cream and plum (not that it looks very plum in the photo!!)

Primark £5.00 each

Also from Primark I thought I would get a scarf for winter before the weather turns and they still have a decent selection, I went for just plain cream and I got the matching hat
Scarf £4.00                              Hat £2.00

As if I haven't got enough scarves/snoods I got this one because I convinced myself I needed it as I haven't got a plain grey one
Snood £3.00

So that was about it for my tiny bit of retail therapy, now back to the painting.
I'm on a decorating mission at the minute, I want to get my bedroom and hall decorated before the end of October (this may be wishfull thinking...he...he...)
So I think my next shopping trip will be to B&Q for paint

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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Meet my new best friend

I got this a few months ago but to be fair with it being summer didn't really use it as my skin didn't really need it with it being summer. But since the weather has changed lately I have been using this regularly as my skin really suffers with the cold, wind and heating.

Well all I can say its GREAT!!!!
I know everyone raves about it and I can see why it just gives my skin an instant moisture hit.

Does it do what it says on the box...
"Using this product increases the skin's ability to retain moisture over time and reduces the amount of topical moisturisers needed to maintain ideal skin hydration."
When I apply it it feels like someones thrown water in my face and my skin just sucks it right in, it leaves my face so soft. I don't seem to use as much moisturiser as I would normally.

"Hyaluronic acid is a superb hydration ingredient that can hold up to 1,000 times it's weight in water. It is found in abundance in young skin"

It is a clear gel that instantly sinks into your skin leaving no sticky residue and it has no scent.
It leaves my skin feeling SO amazing.
As most of you already know I have very dry skin so this cream and my skin are a marriage made in heaven, I don't think I could ever be without it.
You can find Hydraluron Moisture booster in Boots £24.99

Well done all those clever people at Indeed Labs, keep up the good word

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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Yet more florals

Look what came this morning

A couple of sneaky purchases from Dorothy Perkins

With discount £14.40
(This one is off my Autumn wants list)

With discount £12.00

I couldn't refuse really with the 20% discount they have on at the moment
You know I love a bargain

P.S....Sorry for the short posts, have started re-vamping wardrobes
Surprisingly time consuming

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Monday, 14 October 2013

Crystal clear

These little cuties turned up this morning
They were only £13.99 for 8 on eBay....absolute bargain!!!

Now I really have to get my finger out and start my wardrobes today
Cant wait to see what they look like on

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Thursday, 10 October 2013

DIY done.....but not for long!!!!

Well its finally finished

I kept the originally handles as I thought they were quite cute.
I've decided to use it as a dressing table as it has lot of storage for what my Hubby calls my "unnecessary paraphernalia" !!!
The only thing is now it looks completely out of place to the rest of the furniture in our bedroom so now I have my work cut out to transform the rest of our furniture to match.
We could actually do with new furniture to be honest but I have other things that are on the "need list" before bedroom furniture.
We desperately need a driveway to start with as my kids are now grown up and all have cars and so do there girlfriends/boyfriends. As we live in a cul-de-sac it is very difficult to park, so I have to wave bye bye to my front garden.

So now I have to transform this monster
(with its broken crappy handles)

and this

into something better than it looks now

Think I have got my work cut out!!!
May keep me busy for quite some time, I will keep you posted

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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

DIY times again

I have been spending the last week or so trying to re-vamp up this old chest of drawers

The weather has been horrible!!! It has been "fun" shall we say trying to get this project finished. It took ages for each coat of paint to dry when it was so wet last week. Nightmare!!!
But there is light at the end of the tunnel and it is almost finished now.
I will put a finished picture up hopefully sometime this week (fingers crossed)

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Monday, 7 October 2013

I don't want too much.....

My Beauty wants

Babyliss New Big Hair £44.99 I really want this, I think it will help so much with getting volume to my roots, which gets more difficult the longer it gets.
Ren O12 Moisture defence serum £42.00 supposed to be great for dry and dehydrated skin and boy have I got that!!
Viva La Juicy Noir Eau de Parfum £46.50 just because everyone's got to have a bit of Juicy in their lives haven't they!!!
Indeed Labs Retinol reface, Retinol Skin Resurfacer Serum £19.99 ( bit of a mouthful!!!) Anything to help with the old wrinkle situation is a bonus.

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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Eucerin Even Brighter Night Cream review

Eucerin even Brighter Night Cream £23.50

I have been using this for about two months now. So far so good really.
It claims to help with: -

"Pigmentation spots such as dark patches, age spots and freckles develop which causes skin to become less even toned and less bright"

I must say it pretty much does, I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin tone.
Although I don't have massively pigmented skin however I do have quite a largish dark spot on my cheek bone (due to sun damage) that it has helped with.
Although it has not completely gone it has certainly reduced in colour and is a lot less noticeable.
I could of got the Spot correcter from this range which concentrates on larger pigmentation spots but to be honest I didn't get this cream for that. I got it as I loved the formula of the Aquaporin and I thought if this is a similar formula and it will slightly even out my skin tone I would be a happy bunny.

And in a nutshell it did.

I am very happy with the result, I should of done a before and after picture but didn't think about that till way after the point where it would be a waste of time as there wouldn't be that much of a difference.

All in all if you just want a cream to even out your skin tone slightly this is great plus it has a gorgeous formula almost whipped in consistency.

It feels quite light for a night cream but still rich enough. Not greasy at all.

This may become a regular in  my skincare regime as I'm not getting any younger and anything that helps with those pesky dark age spots is a bonus!!!

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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Shiny things

Just a couple of items I picked up the other day.
I'm really into my necklaces at the moment and I picked these two little beauties up from Dorothy Perkins whilst they had their 30% off deal on.

                        The gold leaf £8.50                                            Silver half moon £6.50

Thought they were both really cute and quite dainty.

Ring was £5.00

Then off to Primark and got these
Plum skirt £8.00

Basic stripped top (me and stripes again!!!!) £4.00

After that I popped into Lush to pick up a lip scrub £5.50

I opted for this flavour as I don't like the Bubblegum (too sweet for me) or the Mint Julep (don't like the tingling feeling).
So I went for the Popcorn flavour, tastes yummy, salty and sweet.
Might give their lip balm a try next. If anyone's tried any of them let me know what they are like and which flavours are good.

Lastly good old Boots.
They still had but one get one half price on so I got a couple of Soap and Glory products.

Just love Soap and Glory products!!!

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