Monday, 30 September 2013

Augusts monthly favourites

1  Liluu.......of course!! She's my baby
2  Soap & Glory sugar crush, loving this stuff so much at the moment, I could literally eat it.
3  Essie Aruba blue, adore this colour.
4  Natural collection blusher in Rosey Glow, great autumn colour.
5  Necklace, I've wore this quite a lot this month, especially with jeans and a t-shirt.
6  Maybelline baby lips in Peach Kiss& Pink Punch, I think these will be an all winter favourite!!
7  Essie Sexy Divine, another beautiful colour.
8  Primark stripped jumper, has been great jumper for this month with it being thin and layer-able.

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Thursday, 26 September 2013

Shop of me

As you know I LOVE to shop!!! and I also love a bargain!!! So when I came across Shop of Me website recently I was ecstatic, as it combines my two favourite things in one.


Basically all you have to do is download a secure app (it works on Chrome & Safari browsers on PCs/Macs).

Next enter your email that you want to receive the sale alerts on

Then all you have to do is browse online at all the things you would like and instead of bookmarking them (I have far too many of these...he...he...), when they go on sale you will get an email alerting you......RESULT!!!! No more constantly checking on that favourite jacket or shoes that you have fell in love with but can't quite afford at the full price. Then when it does go on sale they haven't got your size......sound familiar!?!?!?! Shop of Me takes away all that hassle and disappointment.

About shop of me
"Were on a mission to help you save money. We index over one hundred of the webs biggest shops and retailers to make sure that you can find the items that you want, on sale, amongst millions of other products"

I love this concept.

There are quite a few shops on there at the moment but hopefully there will be added in the near future, surely it must be such a bonus for the retailers who are trying to get rid of their sale items quickly to make room for new stock. Would be nice to see a few more names on that list.

These are the retailers at the moment


So if your up for a bargain you should definitely go and check it out its fantastic!!!!

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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Rimmel..... Kate Lasting Finish Lipstick

Yet another nude lip colour to my collection, do I really need so many?.......
Errrmmmmm.......Why not.....

I really do like the formula of  this lipstick it so creamy and rich, it doesn't dry my lips out at all like some lipsticks do over time.
Shade 003

Such a great colour for everyday. I bought this a while back when it was buy one get one free in Boots I bought the other one for a good friend of mine as she's just as into her nude lips as I am.

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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Shopping with the Hubby

I went shopping with my Husband the other day as he needed some new shoes. How boring are men's shoes!!!!! OMG!!! I'm so glad I'm not a man. And it still took him ages to choose a pair even though they all are pretty much of a muchness.
So while he was debating which pair to have I slipped into Dorothy Perkins and ended up buying this

You know me and florals....he....he....

I went for the petite version as the normal one buried me. It was only £16.00 and I got this ring too for only £5.00. Plus 20% off at the till.

Then into Boots to get a new mascara. I do struggle with mascara and their brushes (as I have said in my last mascara review post). So I opted for this one, I have got on quite well with Maybelline mascaras in the past, so finger crossed. Will do a review soon.

And as it was buy one get one half price I got this Bourjois  eye liner in Brun.

I've been wanting another Brown liner for a while as my usual brown L'Oreal infallible liner is driving me potty it's just getting so hard to work with its like its drying up or something. The black version I have got it absolutely fine it's just the brown.
Has anyone else had this problem with these liners? or is it just a bad one I've got?

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Monday, 23 September 2013

Nail polish of the day......Winter white combo

I went for this combo over the weekend

It comprised of these two

I really like the Models Own glitter polish, I'm not usually a massive fan of glitter but this ones really nice and quite subtle, with little specks instead of massive chunks. Will look lovely for Christmas as an alternative to red. Quite looking forward to seeing what its like over other colours as well. Also its quite easy to get off unlike quite a few other glitters.....definite bonus.

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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Shopping for Autumn

After putting the central heating on for the first time this week I decided to put away my summer clothes and bring out the knitwear. As I had a bit of a gap in the jumper region I decided shopping was called for. These are what I got....
Primark jumper £14.00 it's SO soft, just love it, can't wait to wear it.

Primark long sleeved top £6.00 cant really call this a jumper as you can see its quite see through.
Think I have got a bit of a stripe fetish at the moment.

H & M jumper £12.99 again this is quite see through but fine with a vest underneath. I like layers in this weather. Love the colour of this one it's like a teal/green colour.

And for a splash of colour I got this scarf from Primark it was only £3.00 the colours caught my eye. 
Just cant resist my scarves!!!!

Lastly I needed some new A/W nail colours, my collection is looking very summery apart from a few reds, so it needed an injection of richness.
Firstly I wanted a deep blue so I opted for this one Essie Aruba Blue, such a gorgeous colour, had to put it on straight away!! 

And the Essie Sexy Divine again another gorgeous colour. Haven't tried this one just yet, I hope it's as nice as the blue.

Both were £7.99 each but in Boots they are "Buy one get second one half price" at the moment, great way to stock up on my Essie.

What's your favourite A/W shades?

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Monday, 16 September 2013

Ludlow Food Festival

Had a lovely day out on Saturday we decided to go to Ludlow Food Festival, the main part of the festival is set around the castle and its grounds, its a beautiful setting.

There were lots of fantastic stalls selling all sorts of goodies and lots of free tasting going on too.
There were also stalls and food trails going on outside the castle the around the town.

Even the Grandchildren enjoyed it

We bought a few things for Christmas 
Elder flower and Cherry Vodka......very nice!!! From a company called The Tipsy Tart, great name and great products. SO many different flavours was very difficult to choose which ones to buy. They would also make perfect gifts.

We also bought these from a company called Monkhide again was stuck for choice on flavours.

We also bought some amazing cheeses, crackers, cakes, game photos of these as they got slightly demolished for Saturday night supper....he.....he.....

Somebody got very tired on the way home

She was absolutely shattered

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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Max Factor's Wild Mega Volume Mascara review

I bought this as it was on offer at £4.99 and thought it would be ideal to take on holiday.

Max Factor's Wild Mega Volume Mascara

It claims to " instantly blackens and plumps up the look of every lash thanks to its fearless Amplifier brush" It didn't do this for me. I have fairly crappy eyelashes, too fair and too short with no volume!! So whenever I see a "volume" mascara I give it a go. This one I didn't like.

Firstly it's the brush, its soft bristles which just don't seem to work with my pathetic lashes I just can't get any root lift with these brushes even after curling them. A stiff wand works a lot better on my lashes getting right to the root.

Secondly the shape I don't get the " hourglass design" that " specifically designed with a waist of shorter bristles to hold the formula; allowing it to be deposited onto the lash base instantly, for super quick volume building" this didn't work at all on my lashes, all it did was clump my lashes more together and make them look even more sparse. One thing it did actually do was slightly lengthen them still looked naff with them being clumped together.

So a basic summary is
Cons: -
No volume
Clumps lashes together
Brush shape
Bristle brush

Pros: -
Great black colour
Slightly lengthens

So as you can see form all the don'ts and didn'ts I'm not loving this mascara. I think I'm going to stick to my L'Oreal Million Lashes Excess mascara for now. If you like bristle brushes or have great lashes anyway and you just want to enhance them then maybe this mascara would work for you just fine. Unfortunately it just didn't rock my boat.

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Monday, 9 September 2013

Eucerin AQUA Porin Active Moisturising Cream review

I bought this on the strength of a sample I was given and the fact it is only £8.50 for 40ml. I couldn't resist.

Eucerin AQUA Porin Active Moisturising Cream

I adore this moisturiser it's so soothing and light. As you probably already know I hate anything thick and heavy on my skin and this certainly ticks all my boxes. I have very dry skin sensitive skin and this is just perfect for me, I don't think it work for oilier skins but if you've got dry or sensitive skin you should definitely give it a go.
It claims "Your skin is provided with intense moisture, even in deeper epidermal skin layers"
I have been looking for a cream like this for some time as my skin just seems to be getting drier the older I get, other cream have come quite close in the past but then the sensitive bit rears its ugly head and I have to stop using it. So when I found that this doesn't bring out my sensitive side (he....he...) I was thrilled. At last I have a cream for my ever increasing dry skin without any painful reactions. I got the one with the SPF of 15 as I wanted to wear it in the day, the only problem I have with it is that it's not anti ageing. But then again a lot of Anti-ageing are a lot thicker and then I'm back to it being to heavy (sometimes there's just no pleasing me...he...he...). They do have an Anti ageing range, maybe next time I will give that a try, although the price tag goes up with the " Anti-ageing " slogan to around £25.00 for 50ml.

Anyway for now am going to carry on and enjoy using this and stick to night time for the Anti-ageing.

As I was so impressed with my initial free sample I thought I would try the night cream in the Even brighter range, I will post a review soon.

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Sunday, 8 September 2013

A few cheeky purchases

I had to pop into Boots the other day as I needed a new body wash and as I'm so infatuated with Soap & Glory's clean on me it had to be Boots. As I picked this up they had an offer on for buy one get one half price.
Soap & Glory Clean on Me £6.00

I decided to get this as well as I love they're Sugar crush body scrub and this smells the delicious!!!
Soap & Glory Sugar Crush £6.50
I also picked this up as I wanted a really matt blusher for Autumn with no glittery bits in it at all so I went for the Natural Collection. They are so cheap and to be honest not that bad for the price.
Natural Collection in Rosey Glow £1.99

They also had an offer on for buy one get one half price, so I got this eye shadow as well
Natural Collection in Butterscotch £1.79
My other reason for going to Boots is I needed Hair dye to cover yet more of my pesky greys!!! and to pick up the new Baby Lips by Maybelline. Both were a no go, they didn't have my colour I needed for my hair and also they didn't have the Peach colour in the Baby Lips. So off I toddled to Superdrug, got my hair colour and found both of these, so I was a happy bunny.

I got Peach Kiss and Pink Punch they were £2.99 each or two for £5.00, cant wait to try them out, will let you know what they are like soon.

I also made a few nail purchases from both shops
Sinful Purple Diamond £1.99
NYC Pinstripe White £2.49
NYC East Village £1.79
NYC Grand Central Station £1.79

As you can see last of the big spenders!!! I am trying to watch my pennies as I'm currently on a decorating mission, I'm bored with every room in the house (I get like this some times, I know.....I'm weird!!) So I need to change things, paint, paper, strip and revamp just about everything.

Right........ I'm off to IKEA for some storage solution..............

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