Friday, 30 August 2013

Back to normal next week

Just a quick line to say sorry there have been no posts this week, I have had my 13 year old niece stay with us this week and I have been trying to keep her entertained. Also the house has been very full this week as I also have my Mom over from Australia staying with us.
My niece is very shy and quiet bless her, we broke the ice by going shopping, works every time!!!  I actually ended up spending quite a bit on her but that's what Aunties are for isn't it!!!

Anyway best get back to it

Hopefully normal service will resume next week.

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Thursday, 22 August 2013

YSL Rouge Volupté Shine in Coral Intuitive review

Whilst waiting to get on the Euro tunnel I did a little bit of retail therapy and treated myself to this little beauty

It was only £20.80 instead of the usual £24.00, so I couldn't resist really. 
This is my first YSL and I must say I love it.
I wore it quite a bit whilst on holiday it was perfect for everyday, SO creamy and moisturising with just a hint of colour.

The colour is a beautiful pale coral, not at all sticky with just a tiny bit of a glitter but nothing major. 
My two pet hates are stickiness and glitter.

This has got to be so far one of my most favorite lipsticks, I just love the formula and of course the packaging

The only problem is I would now like more shades

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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Fantastic holiday

I'm back............
What a fantastic holiday, great company, amazing villa and lovely weather
I couldn't of asked for anything more

As I said previously we stayed in a villa I found on OwnersDirect in a little village called Julienne, not far from Cognac. The villa was perfect for the 10 of us. The pool certainly didn't disappoint, I was a little apprehensive before we got there hoping the pool would be big enough for us all. So often photos can be very misleading and make things look so much bigger as with estate agents photos. But everything was absolutely fine. Actually the pictures don't do it justice. It was so peaceful and tranquil (well at least until we got there....he...he...)

We basically didn't do a lot we all went for a total break. As we have been near that area before we had already done most of the beaches near there so we had a total rest with lots of pool parties, in fact we practically lived in the pool. 
We did a lot of this
And a lot of this

We had a few hours out in Cognac, which is very beautiful, with lots of wonderful buildings.

We also went for lunch in Royan 
And then spent a few hours in Saint Palias-sur-mer with its quaint little beach

With a few ice creams thrown in

It was an amazing holiday, very sad to be be home, got a little bit of the holiday blues now.
Think I'm going to have to plan my next holiday just to have something to look forward to

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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Holiday here I come........

As you may of guessed I'm off on holiday, our road trip begins tomorrow..............Can't wait!!

Looking forward to spending time with our family and very good friends.

We are off to south western France, near Bordeaux, just the 10 of us in a lovely little villa that we found on Owners direct website. There were so many to choose from. We usually go near the coast but decided to go more inland this time and see a bit more of France and its culture. We just adore France and its vast wine selection, its pâtisseries and of course its fromages!!!!

Unfortunately there will be no posts until around the 20th. It will be very strange, as it has become a ritual now putting up a post every morning with my coffee in hand. There is absolutely no wifi where we are going so no twitter or facebook even, just a complete rest. It will be quite nice actually just to slip of the radar for a couple of weeks.

So it's goodbye from me for now at least, hope you all enjoy your holidays if your off one, if not just enjoy yourselves anyway....he....he.....

Au revoir 

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