Wednesday, 31 July 2013

My holiday nail polishes

These little babies will be coming on holiday with me this year

1 - Sinful....Unicorn

2 - OPI ..... Get your glamour on
3 - Bourjois so laque glossy ....Amande Defile
4 - Rimmel 60 seconde.....Rose libertine
5 - NYC......Blue sky
6 - Bourjois so laque........Fushia hype

All my favorites at the minute

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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My holiday make up

These are my holiday make up essentials

1 - Smashbox concealer.....Light and creamy
2 - Soap and glory Glow all over.......To give me a healthy glow
3 - Smash box BB cream......For daytime, it's compact and packs a punch with it's factor 35
4 - Revlon suede lipstick....In socialite
5 - L'Oreal million lashes.....In black
6 - Urban decay Naked 2 palette....It's got all I need really
7 - L'Oreal glam shine stain splash....In Lolitta
8 - Urban decay eye primer.....Just hold things in place with the heat
9 - Estee Lauder resilience..........For evenings, great foundation so light weight and gives a lovely flawless finish
10 - Garnier 5 seconde blur....Don't go anywhere with out it
11 - L'Oreal natural lipstick....In Nude
12 - Benefit erase paste.....Couldn't live without, it goes everywhere with me
13 - Bourjois cream blush.....Just because it's my new favourite thing
14 - L'Oreal infallible eyeliner....In black and brown, great eyeliner for last especially in hot weather
15 - Gemma Kidd lip gloss.....Old

And last but not least my real technique brushes

I will probably end up throwing a few more lipsticks in along the way. I always take more lip products than anything else. If we go out for the day I always wear my sunglasses so as long as I've got a wash lippy on I'm good to go.

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Monday, 29 July 2013

Beauty salon stop

This weekend I went to my usually beauty salon to get my legs waxed.

I am virtually a waxing virgin!!! I never really fancied putting myself through unnecessary pain.

I've tried the terrible home ones before but only done about two strips (maximum) as it hurt like hell. So I decided for my holiday I would grit my teeth and try a leg wax at a salon.

Well all I can say is it still hurt like hell!!!! Even though I've had 3 children this still pained me....he....he.... It was a lot easier someone else doing it though instead of me. It didn't take very long at all and I didn't get a rash straight afterwards. That happened much later on the evening. All afternoon I had a weird tickling sensation all over my legs then after this came the rash. I looked like I had a bad case of measles!!! Fortunately it had gone by Sunday morning.
Will I have it done again? I ask myself...... I'm not sure yet I'm going to see how long it is before I get regrowth. Plus I didn't like having to grow them before hand, that proved difficult in the warm weather, not being able to wear skirt etc because of my monster legs. So will just have to wait and see.

I also had my eyelashes tinted for my holidays (as I always do) as they are very fair and it saves wearing waterproof mascara (which I hate!!!). I love having them done maybe it's just me but I find it relaxing and I love the result, makes such a difference.

So now I'm pool tidy and raring to go......bring on the sun.......

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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Weight loss journey progress

Well things are looking up after my last update. Since then I have lost.....4 whole pounds

The jogging didn't really get off the ground, I really do struggle with it. I think it's a bit like marmite you either love or hate it and I'm definitely not a lover!!! I haven't got a runner build.

So instead a got my bike out.

Now this I love, it's a bit less strenuous on the old joints. So me and the Hubby have been getting out as much as possible, only little jaunts to start with. It's great for popping to the shop on in this warm weather. The only problem is somehow I have pulled a muscle in my lower abdomen. I don't know how I've done it but its causing me a LOT of pain at the moment, more so when I sit down, bend, cough and sneeze. Hopefully it wont take too long to recover. Its proving a little painful cycling with it, I know I should stop and rest it, but its not long rides I'm going on and I'm resting for two days in between each.

I have also been drinking a LOT of water as well and I think this has really helped to flush my system out and give my metabolism a boost (trust me it needed one!!!). And also I think my body retains a lot of water and this has really helped.

I am a little happier now that things have started to happen, it was very disheartening on my last update. I think it's because I am a very impatient person, things were just not happening quick enough.

The only problem is now I need to start doing something to tone my upper body. I hate my upper arms, they're so wobbly and horrid!! I may have to borrow my sons weights to give them a kick start.

I may do a finally weight update just before I go away if I get chance......fingers crossed

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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

DIY updates

Here is what I did with the bedside cabinet that I found at the Car boot.

It was a little bit of a rush job to be honest as I needed to get it done as soon as possible as it was rather getting in the way. I was getting annoyed at looking at it....he....he....

This is what it originally looked like

This was what I did

First I gave it a mega sanding down, it had so much gloss paint on it.
Then I gave it a wash of watered down white paint to act as a primer.
After that I decided as it was going to get a lot of wear and tear that I would paint it with white satin gloss.
I wanted to keep the top plain as it gets a lot of wear and tear but I wanted to add a bit of interest to the cabinet. So off I popped to get a sample of paper from B & Q.
Once I put the paper on the drawers I gave them a couple of coats of matt varnish to protect it.
Last but not least I put on these white ceramic handles that I also got from B & Q at £1.98 each
Total cost was around £8.00

Next was the lamp

Here it is before 

And here it is after

Basically I just sanded it very slightly and gave it a base coat of white paint. While the paint was still wet I sprinkled sand all over it to give it some texture, I did this a few times. After letting it dry for some time I gave it a light spraying with white spray paint to seal the sand in, unfortunately the sand colour kept seeping through, it just looked rusty. Next I gave it quite a few coats of just plain white emulsion.
Lastly I painted it with a lilac match pot and put his plain cream shade on that I got for £4.00

Total cost for this project was £6.00 as I already had the white emulsion paint.

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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Nail polish of the day....... Sinful Unicorn

Sinful Unicorn

I bought this last week, I've been after a lemon nail polish for a while. 
I think lemon/yellow nails look fantastic with a tan. Going to be another holiday staple!!

It's a very nice nail polish to say it's only £1.99
However it did it did take 3 coats to get it to this colour without being patchy.
Also I'm not a massive fan of the brush it's bit too slim for me
 As for staying power so far so good.

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Monday, 22 July 2013

Last of the holiday shopping

I was sorting through my holiday wardrobe and decided I needed a new Tankini. I don't do bikinis anymore. It would scare small children if I did....he.....he..... and embarrass my own children....he....he....
So this is the one I went for in the end

I tried on SO many it was ridiculous!!! If it's one thing I hate shopping for  its swimwear. This was the only one I liked the fit of. Why is it the sizes vary SO much in swimwear? I spent forever in the changing room!!!
This one was reduced in Debenhams to £20.80 for the top and £10.80 for the bottoms
Anyway glad that's all over now!!! 

Then I was on a mission to find a lemon top to go with my floral jeggings that my Sons lovely Girlfriend Danni gave me.
This is the top it's from H & M and was £12.99.

And these are the jeggings. She designs jeans for the majority of the biggest retailers out there and these are one of her first designs that went into production.
Floral jeggings

The pattern was all her own design!! Such a clever girly she is!!!
Shes not long started blogging herself, you can find her at
They are SO comfy, this is what the two items look like together.

My first sort of outfit of the day.....scary

Anyway you can get them in BHS for £20.00 (somewhere I've never thought to shop)
They are definitely coming on my holiday with me!!!! 

Afterwards I ran into Tesco to pick up a couple of items I needed and I saw this pretty little thing. The colours caught my eye as I was going up the escalator. Perfect for my Holidays. They had quite a few different colours and patterns in the same style but it had to be the floral for me I'm afraid, it was £12.00

Can you tell I like florals?!?!?!?!?..... he....he....

That is definitely it now......I'm not going to buy another thing, saving my pennies to buy lots of lovely French wine instead!!!

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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Nail polish of the day......Essie Sunday funday

Essie Sunday funday trio £9.99

This is part of the mini summer collection from Essie. Love the little tiny bits of gold running through it, very pretty.

Bourjois 1 seconde gloss top coat £5.99

Really liking this top coat from Bourjois it made the Essie so shiny and dried very quickly. A winner for me, I'm loving quite a few Bourjois nail polishes at the moment, they seem to have quite good staying power.

This was with just two coats,  think I should of done three though as I wasn't happy with the coverage on two coats. 

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Yet more Boots buys.....

My last boots trip until after my holiday. I just need to get my sun cream really but ended up with quite a few extra things that jumped into my basket all by their self (he...he).
These are sun creams I got. I'm quite fair skinned so always go for highish factor (hate burning) and  also my Husbands burns really bad. His Mother had red hair and even though he has brown hair he has inherited her genes, he burns really easily like a red head so he needs high factors. I got a factor 15 as well for my legs, maybe it just my legs but they just take forever to tan.
Soltan sun protection £6.24
I was drawn to this one as it is invisible and dry to touch. This appeals to me greatly as I can't stand the stickiness of most sun creams. These also smell amazing!!! They are half price at the minute in Boots
I also got this after sun as I wanted one with Aloe Vera in as it's so good for cooling you down after being in the sun.
Soltan aftersun £4.99

Hydraluron Moisture Booster I have been after this for absolutely AGES!!!!! Finally I got it, I am a happy bunny now......I know I'm very sad to get so excited over a product but I've heard so many good things about it can't wait to try it. Will do a review soon.
Hydraluron £24.99

Bourjois 1 seconde nail polish in Pom. I need a mint green to add to my collection. Also this Sinful nail polish in Unicorn. I originally wanted the models own banana split but they didn't have any so I opted for this instead, plus it was only £1.99

Eucerin aquaporin moisturising cream after having a sample of it last month. I fell in love with the way it felt on my skin so I had to get it and its so reasonably priced at £13.50
Eucerin aquaporin £13.50

I was passing the max factor stand and this jumped into my basket. I thought I would give it a go as it was on offer at £4.99
Max factor mascara £4.99

After purchasing all these lovely things I noticed I had a few points accumulated so thought what the hell why not spend them as I needed a new night cream. So as I was so impressed with the Eucerin aquaporin I thought I would give this a go from their Even brighter range. I will do a review soon and let you know how I get on with it.
Eucerin Even brighter night cream £23.50

And I also got another Garnier 5 seconde blur. I'm a bit paranoid I will run out on holiday and I honestly can't live with it out it, it's my ultimate essential. I probably won't but better to have a back up just in case. And it is on offer at the moment.
Garnier 5 Second Perfect Blur £9.99

That's about it with my Boots buys. I spend far too much in that shop sometimes!!!

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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

DIY times

I have been rather busy over the weekend, I decorated in my youngest sons bedroom, it SO needed refreshing. He needed a new bedside cabinet as his had broke and whilst at a car boot I found this tired old looking one. Thought I would give it a new home and a bit of TLC. Think I may need new handles, don't think he would appreciate these ones....he....he....

I was so pleased with my little table that I did the other week I've decided to do something to this bedside cabinet. It only cost me £2.00, not bad as even the drawers are wooden bottoms instead of that flimsy stuff they usually put in the bottom of cheap drawers. I can't wait to get stuck into it.

I also picked this lamp up for £1.00, I wanted a  lamp for my hall and I liked the shape of this one. Another revamp project for me to be getting on with.

Will hopefully let you know how it goes very soon

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Monday, 15 July 2013

Nursery sports day

I went to my Granddaughter Millie's sports day on Friday it was very warm but the kids loved it. It's been quite a while since I've been to a sports day, it was great, her little face lit up when she saw that I had come.
The first race was to  pick up things in the bucket as you went along with the help of the Mummy's. She had to win of course she very competitive just like her Granddad....he...he...

And of course she did.

The next was more of a game indoors. She loved this one as you can tell by here face,

especially the bit where they throw the teddy under and they have to run under and get it.
The next race was outside again, this time on bikes. And of course again she had to win!!! They were all very good to say they are so young.
even her sister Poppie enjoyed it
Afterwards they all had milk and certificates were given out

Then it was time to go home and have ice cream and paddling pool fun
It was a lovely afternoon