Thursday, 27 June 2013

Weight loss journey begins

Its only 5 weeks to go to my holiday now and I've decided I want to try and lose a couple of pounds before I go.  The reason is we are going to France and I know for a fact (judging from previous trips) that I will at least put a few pounds on. Due to all the amazing cheeses and fantastic wine!!! Some people have massive chocolate crushes, I have the same for cheese, my ultimate downfall!!!!

So I have decided that if I lose a couple of pounds I can have my little splurges and not come back the size of a small house.

I have started the nhs 5k to couch, the only thing is I’m NOT a jogger, I’m a little bit too top heavy and it makes me feel very uncomfortable and a little self conscious. So it’s very slow on the jogging front to be honest (which is also playing havoc on the knees....the joys of getting older!!!)

I've decided to follow the Miranda Harts diet which is basically “eat a little less, move a little more”.  I have dug out my bike and I plan on getting on it as much as possible as it’s a little less stressful on the old joints. I’m going to try and do some of the jogging but it may be a bit hit and miss, it’s definitely not my favourite thing, it's like marmite. It doesn't help living where I do with so many hills, they are everywhere!!!!

I find the older I get the harder it is for me to lose weight. I don’t want to lose a lot I’m never going to be a size 8 again I know that. And I’m not bothered about a bikini bod (very scary thought me in a bikini, I will stick to my tankini). It’s mainly about feeling good about myself.

So 5 weeks and counting, will do an update in the next couple of weeks sharing my progress (hopefully!!!)

No photos today I'm afraid, wobbly bits have gone into hiding....he....he....he

If anyone has any tips or advise it would be much appreciated

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Bourjois Little Round Pot Cream blush review

I bought this blush the other week the Bourjois Little Round Pot Cream blush as I had my eye on it for some time. It's one of my latest love!!

I've been dubious about cream blushes for many a year but this one is so creamy and gorgeous.
It glides on like a dream and blends brilliantly, the texture is very light. 
Shade - 02 Healthy Glow

It's a fantastic colour for daytime, I've literally worn it every single day since I bought it. This particular colour is very subtle so suitable for those who like me don't like doll like cheeks, but then again is definitely buildable if you want more colour.

It gives my cheeks a lovely peachy glow and a great price as well only £7.99

I want to try more colours now from the range I'm totally hooked

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Nail polish of the day.....Rose Libertine

I just had to buy this as it was such a beautiful colour its Rimmels 60 second  nail polish in Rose libertine, such a lovely bright pinky colour, although it looks a bit more peachy on this photo.

I just know already it's going to be one of my summer favourites, can't wait to see what it looks like with a tan on my holidays. I don't think there will be much left in the bottle when I come home though, I will be painting everyone's toes this colour....he....he
This was two coats and it lasts pretty well chipping wise. 

Monday, 24 June 2013

Baby shower gift

On Sunday I was invited to a friends surprise baby shower unfortunately I couldn't actually make it as I had to be at another appointment. I decided instead of just going out and buying a cute little outfit instead I would try and be a bit more creative. This is what I made these for her out of this lot

First I made this which was 3 containers for storing snacks/baby food in.
First I stacked them together & put 3 pairs of socks inside each other alternating the colours. I finished them off by using napkins folded over to surround  the sock flower/tower.

Then I made these 3 little cakes using baby grows folded and rolled up. 
I also put napkins around these to finish them off and make them look a little bit more like a cake. Although saying that the overall outcome wasn't very cake like but I thought they still looked cute and a lot prettier than just wrapping up a couple of baby grows.

These are what they looked like finished
I just popped them into the bag with the pink tissue filling at the bottom.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Liluu operation update

Just a quick update on my little Liluu. She had her operation yesterday, we picked her up last night. She is feeling very sorry for herself. 
They have put one of those cones around her neck to stop her messing with her stitches but she is struggling with her coordination. She's constantly bumping into things. 
She slept all evening hence why I'm up at 5am. The only problem is she won't go to the toilet with this cone around her neck. She's the same when I take her out walking she won't go when she's on the lead she waits till she gets home. My Husband says it's because she is a lady and ladies don't do things like that in public.....he....he....
I will have to see how she goes I may have to take it for short breaks so she can go to the toilet otherwise that could cause other problems. Anyway apart from that she seems fine just sore and tired and very hungry with not eating most of the day yesterday.
So lots of chicken today and some nice fresh fish for lunch. Right back to coaxing her to go the toilet (in the rain!!!!)

Bye for now

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Helen E cosmetics blusher review

Not much of  a post today as my little Liluu has gone in to be neutered today so I decided to take my mind of it (I no.....I'm pathetic!!!) and cut my front lawn as it was a bit of a mess with being away the weekend. I'm just waiting to pick her up anytime soon so I thought I would do a quick review for you.

Recently I sent for this blusher from Helen E cosmetics, it was free on a promotion.

I just had to pay for the postage which was just £2.50. I thought this was a bargain and couldn't resist. I had never really heard a lot about this range to be honest so I thought I would give it a go. I chose Candylicious as I wanted something a bit more of a coral colour.

It's a very pretty colour, a lot better since I have a little more of a tan. It will be interesting to see what it's like in the winter when I'm as pale as pale can be. I still have to use it sparingly as it very pigmented so needs to be built up to your desired colour. I like it because it has no shimmer, I hate really shimmery blushers....definitely NOT for me. As for staying power, on me it lasted all day.

All in all I pretty much like it, I think really I should of gone for 'Peach cheeks' but I wanted to step out of my comfort zone for a change, I always end up playing it safe.

Has anyone else tried any of Helen E cosmetics range? I wouldn't mind trying a few things

If so what did you try and did you like it?

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Anniversary weekend in the Cotswolds

This weekend we went away with our very good friends to the Cotswold to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. We had an absolutely fantastic time, we couldn't of wished for a nicer weekend!!!

We stayed in a beautiful little cottage called Gable Cottage  in Stow on the Wold.
It was so beautiful, I would highly recommend the cottage if anyone wants a weekend in the 
Cotswolds, it was an excellent base and SO pretty.

We spent an afternoon strolling around Bourton on the Water 
with its pretty stream running through the village. 
 Even the sun came out.

We also spent a morning mooching around the cute little shops in Stow in the Wold.
With a little light refreshment at Huffkins thrown in for good measure

Saturday evening we had a wonderful meal at Cutlers restaurant part of Number Four at Stow.
Very nice meal indeed. Another place I would highly recommend.

For a night cap we celebrated with champagne and strawberries

I've had the most amazing weekend with good friends, good food and an absolutely fantastic Husband, 
what more could a girl want!!!!!
feel so lucky

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Something for the weekend.......A step on the bright side

I thought I would do my 'something for the weekend' post today as I won't be here tomorrow as we are going away for the weekend to celebrate our 
20th Wedding Anniversary.

Beautysets - A step on the bright side

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Few things I picked up yesterday

I went into Asda to get a few bits yesterday and picked these couple of things as I was passing through

George at Asda £12.00
This photo is very deceiving it is more of a plum type colour not the pink that it looks here. Not very summery I know but I liked the yoke on this, thought it was very pretty.

George at Asda £12.00

A pair of not very exciting Jeggings!!  everyone needs a pair of jeggings just to be comfortable in!!! (or maybe that's just me...he...he) These are just in a dark wash denim colour.

George at Asda £6.00

A basic vest style but in a nice vibrant orange daisy pattern, perfect for my holidays with a denim skirt and only £6.00

I also popped into Superdrug and picked up these few of bits

Face masks 99p each
A couple of face masks for this weekend. As are going away this weekend to the Cotswold with our very best friends. Just the four of us no kids, no dogs......great!!! We are staying in this cute little cottage, so me and my girlfriend have decided we are going to make us of the cottage on the Saturday afternoon and have cocktails and a pamper session. The men are included although they don't know it yet....he he, can't wait to get these face packs on them....he he

NYC 'Blue Sky' £1.79
NYC Nail polish in 'Blue Sky' I was attracted to this colour as I haven't got anything like this shade. I'm always so attracted to the pinks usually, I've got quite a few different pink shades now and wanted a bit of variety. After 3 years of having nail extensions I am SO out of practice at putting nail polish on my fingers,as you can tell by this picture, terrible job!!! Nice colour though.

St Moriz £2.99

I got this from Body Care
I've never EVER used a shall we say "proper" fake tan before, I suppose I've always felt a little nervous as I have quite pale skin. I use the gradual ones a lot and sometimes the ones that wash 
off afterwards but never a "proper" one. I decided on 
this one as it has had a lot of good reviews in the beauty 
world and its cheap, at least if I don't like it it hasn't cost a lot.
I must say I'm a little nervous about using it in case it 
streaks but I'm going to face my fear and give it a go.
(I got this from Body Care not Superdrug)

MUA eye shadow 'Pearl 22' £1.00 
I picked this shade as I like pale pink/peach eye shadows, just a little something to brighten my lid. This is a lovely colour, not too shimmery and blends quite nicely and it was only £1.00

So that's about it really, I will let you know how I get on with the fake tan.......

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Holiday wants

Just a few Primark dresses I wouldn't say no to for my holiday.....

Primark seem to be having quite a few dresses in that I like of late. Apart from the ones with the cut outs on the hips, definitely not for me, I will leave those to the younger generation. The bandeau dress would be a perfect throw on for my holidays.

Polka dot dress £10.00
Black floral dress (top) £13.00
Blue bandeau dress £5.00
Black floral dress (don't know the price of this, sorry)
Blue floral dress £13.00
Aztec maxi dress £10.00

And also a couple of pairs of shoes, a girl can never have enough shoes!!!!.....

Love all of these shoes. Really fancy the floral ones, I'm a sucker for floral!!! They would go lovely with my jeans on an evening and reasonably priced too.

I've also got my eye on this gorgeous green scarf  a bargain at only £12.00 
perfect for the evenings when it cools down 

and also this beautiful necklace

 an absolute steal at £16.00

Both of these are items are from School Gate Styles shop
 If you have never visited her blog or her shop you should definitely go 
and check her out at 
she has got some fabulous scarves on there!!!!

Monday, 10 June 2013

Mini haul

Friday I went and had a little bit of retail therapy as it’s been a while as I've been on a “non spending spree”!!
Here are the couple of little purchases I made.
A couple of them were on my June wish list. 

First I wanted a nude/neutral little bag that I could wear with my nude shoes. It was SO difficult finding one that was a similar colour and also something that wasn't too formal. There are SO many shades of nude out there.
Scallop nude bag £12.00

Then I popped into Boots and picked up the Bourjois cream blush I have been after. This is my first cream blush in a long time the last one I had was years ago, I didn't get on with it very well it just didn't blend at all. But the formula is really nice on this one, can't wait to use it.
Bourjois Cream blush £6.99

Whilst in boots I went on the hunt for a mask. I don't use masks very often as they tend to dry my skin out. I opted for a clay one, it was only 99p so I thought I would give it a go. I don't like the peel off ones at all, they REALLY dry my skin out. While I was there I got pounced upon by one of the staff asking me what I was looking for and she then escorted my over to a skin care specialist that they had in store on that particular day. She asked me a whole lots of questions as to why I wanted a mask, I told her ultimately hydration but also because I just wanted to sit there for 10 minutes and do absolutely nothing!! She suggested I tried Eucerin aquaphor which was great for adding water to your skin, she gave me this sample to try. I will give it a go and see how it goes, it wasn't very expensive either it was only £13.50 for 40ml.
Eucerin aquaporin Moisturising Cream £13.50

Another little thing I picked up in boots was this little baby, I have been after this for some time.
Gucci Guilty Intense £43.00 - £75.00
All I can say is it smells AMAZING!!!!! I love it so much I've not stopped wearing it all weekend. Definitely my most favourite perfume ever!!!!

So apart from a couple of basic Primark t-shirts that was about it for my little shopping trip.....till next time