Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Smashbox high definition liquid concealer

I went out with the intention of buying the Benefit fake up concealer but actually ended up with Smashbox high definition liquid concealer (£17.00) instead 

My son’s girlfriend actually recommended the Smashbox as she swears by it.
Off I went to Boots and thought I would at least test the benefit fake up and although I found it nice and creamy I found it a little too thick and heavy compared to the Smashbox one.
They both gave good coverage but the Smashbox was more light diffusing. I found the Benefit enhanced the tiny little lines on the back of my hand (is this called cross hatching?), so I thought if it did this to my hand it would enhance the fine lines around my eyes even more.
So the Smashbox concealer won and I must say I’m really liking it, it's so light and creamy perfect for dry or aging skin. Think this is going to be a definite staple in my routine, so far it’s a definite favourite

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