Thursday, 30 May 2013

My monthly favourites

I thought I would do this post as I was going to do a "My empties this month" post but to be honest I keep throwing the empties away!! So I thought this would be a similar alternative
So here goes.....My monthly favourites with a few randoms threw in......

  1.   Garnier 5 second perfect blur, been really loving this this month, it gives me such a lovely base to my make up (review here)
  2.  Graffiti on the Train by The Stereophonics, I'm a massive Phonics fan been to see them so many times. I even met Kelly once ( I nearly died with excitement!!!!) a few years back. Just love this album so much, haven't stopped playing it.
  3. Weight watchers hot chocolate, this is such a nice drink (getting old I am he....he...). I hate sweet drinks so this is perfect for me.
  4.  Soap & Glory sugar crush scrub, OMG I could literally eat this stuff, the way I go through it anyone would think I do. I would go so far as to say that this and the Hand food are my favourite products in this range, smells AMAZING!!!!!!!
  5.  Garnier Summer body gradual tanner. Thought it was time this month to start adding a bit of colour, especially to my legs that are literally like milk bottles!!! I like this as it doesn't smell too bad also it isn't over sticky, which some can be.
  6. Soap & Glory (again) Clean on me body wash. I adore this shower cream the smell is phenomenal, but then again so is 98% of Soap & Glory stuff. I must smell of pure Soap & Glory and nothing else he....he....
  7. John Frieda Brilliant brunette hairspray, I got this the other week as it was on offer in Boots, I think it was two for £8.00 or something like that. I like it, I'm not a massive hairspray fan as it seems to linger in my sinus and I can sort of taste it all day (if that makes any sense to anybody), but this one doesn't do that to me. It's actually got quite a nice smell so will definitely re purchase this one again.
  8. Bourjois So laque nail polish in Fuchsia hype, a lovely bright pink just what you need in this weather. I love Bourjois brushes find them really easy to apply.
  9. OPI nail polish in Sparrow me the Drama, I've had this quite a while now, I got it free in a local shopping centre, if you spent over a certain amount you got a free nail polish. I really like this colour I find I wear it quite a lot, it's quite an easy going colour.
  10.  Models own nail polish in Golden Peach, I've also had this one quite a while, I don't know if you can still get this colour but it's a nice bright orangey/peach colour. I've recently been getting back into my nail polishes for the past few years I have had silk nail extensions and had them polished at the salon. I've now decided to give my nails  a rest so have been playing with my polishes again, I have missed it actually, I'm enjoying the change.
  11. L'Oreal Glam shine stain splash in Lolita, love this lip stain, great staying power. Won't say too much about it as will do a review very soon.

Well that's about it really, all the things I've been loving this month, so until next month...........

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

My car boot finds

These are the couple of things we picked up whilst going around a car boot on Saturday

First thing was this cute little dog basket for Liluu from a lovely old guy who had lost his dog of 17 years (so sad), it was a bargain it only cost us £4.00. At least if she does decided to chew it it hasn't cost a lot. I want to try and make a little plaque of some sort for the front of it and get something for the inside to make it all comfy for her.

Second thing we got was this poor battered side table. I have been after a little table to put a lamp on in my lounge for quite some time. This one is the perfect size. It was up for sale for £5.00 but my Husband got it down to £2.00 as it has a lot of marks on the top. I love the feet on it though.
It just need revamping now, not sure at this moment what exactly I'm going to do with it yet, but will maybe do an update when I do do something with it if anyone's interested in that?

Thirdly we found these two metal lamp base which when we got them home realised they are very similar metal to my ceiling light, so that was a bonus. Just need to get lampshades for them now. They only cost me £3.00 for the pair (one of cats having a stretch after sleeping all day away from the rain)

And the last thing we bought were these two plastic topiary balls. I've been after the ones with lights on but was reluctant to pay the prices I had seen them at, so these came in second place. I usually put baskets up at the front of my house but it is such a sun trap and everything seems to frazzle out there. I thought these were a good substitute for baskets, god knows what they will look like after the sun (shall I say IF we see anymore) has scorched them.
Will have to wait and see!!!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Sunny Bank Holiday Weekend

What a wonderful bank holiday weekend, the sun decided to shine at last. Saturday morning we went for a  stroll around a car boot with Liluu, she loved it, there were lots of dogs for her to meet. It always amazes me how every stall seems to sell the same sort of stuff. Every now and again thought there is a hidden gem, I will put a post up tomorrow of my finds.
Saturday evening I went to see The Great Gatsby, it was amazing!!!! loved it, such a fabulous era. The costumes and settings were fantastic. Definite chick flick though don't think my husband would of enjoyed this one.
Sunday was a glorious day, I actually went bootless, cant remember the last time I wore my flats. As it was such a gorgeous day we decided to take a stroll along the canal with Liluu. She was in her element, she loves the canal as there are no cars, she does get a bit spooked sometimes by them, she's such a timid dog.
As we were already out we decided to have lunch out as well. As you can see it started off the liquid variety, the glass was huge, bigger than my head. I struggled to get just one hand round it!! Didn't take long to polish it off though....he...he, after this we came home and sat in the garden as it was such a beautiful day, wanted to make the most of it as it's been a while since we last had a nice day (back to normal today though!!!)

Monday was a lazy day, cooked a roast beef dinner for all the family

Hope you all had a fantastic Bank holiday weekend too, whatever you got up to

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Lazy hair days

I thought I would do a post on how I do my hair when it desperately needs washing and I really can't be bothered. I have had my Grandchildren today and needed something quick.
My hair takes ages to wash, even longer to dry, as it's so thick. Sometimes when I am leaving it with its natural curl, I go to bed with it damp and still wake up with it damp. My Mother would kill me for doing this "you'll catch pneumonia!!!!!" she used to say if you didn't dry your hair properly. I haven't yet luckily
This is how I do it, basically I just use 2 hair bands and a few grips. Here goes.......

I start with pulling my hair up to where you want the bun to sit. 
Then depending on how many times you loop your band to get a ponytail depends on how you do this next bit, I loop mine three times. So I loop my band round once then on the second loop I leave the ends of my hair still in, don't pull your hair fully through the band, then on the third loop I go over the loop of hair (hope that makes sense)
After this I am left with this mess. 
Then I take my second band and grab the (very) messy bun ( if you can call it a bun) and then loop the band over twice around the base, this gives you a sort of messy bun. 
Pull the bun and mold it to how you like it, I like them quite big as you can see. Now I just tuck in any annoying bits into the band I've just put round the base, I get quite a lot of these as my hair is layered. Add a few grips if you need them and hey presto.....a VERY messy type of bun for those "I cant be bothered" days
After looking at these pictures I seriously need to dye my hair, I've never taken a picture of the back of my head before, didn't realise how many grey hairs I had at the back, Damn that camera!!!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Updated "About me" page

No actual blog post as such today as I have spent the morning re-writing my "about me" page as it was very sad and uninformative, hope you like

Monday, 20 May 2013

Another weekend with the Hubby

Primark belt £3.00
Primark dress £13.00
This weekend was a little different from the last one. We spent Friday afternoon/night at A & E as my Husband had an accident at work. He ended up puncturing his back and breaking two ribs. So I have been running around after him this weekend poor chap as he is in a lot of pain. 
Saturday afternoon arrived and he was up to date with his painkillers and he had lovely sport on the TV. I had a MASSIVE craving to go shopping. Not good when you’re on a “non spending spree”!!! I have been trying to watch my pennies as we have to pay for our holiday to France at the end of the month. I decided to go and just do a bit of window shopping... lethal!!! I was so setting myself up for a fall wasn't I. 
I tried to be good I really did, I restrained from buying many many beautiful things. I hate it when you tell yourself “NO”, you always see loads of things you love. I thought I was very good, I just bought a couple of things from Primark, which I keep telling myself “isn’t so bad”
Primark Grey Cardigan £4.50 Stripe scarf £3.00

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Garnier 5 Second Perfect Blur Primer review

I have had this a couple of weeks now and promised a review, and I must say it's a big thumbs up from me.
Garnier 5 Second Perfect Blur Primer £12.99

The application is amazing, it's like a mousse type formula which blends in so effortlessly. You don't need a lot to cover your face if you do use too much it can feel slightly greasy, so use sparingly.
It claims to blur the appearance of shine which I don't personally have any of with having dry skin but it doesn't make my face look any drier which some primers can do. It just leaves a really nice smooth base.
It also claims to reduced the appearance of uneven skin tone, which it does to a degree, but if you've got a very uneven skin tone it won't even it out alone. The emphasis is definitely on" reduce" You could quite easily wear it alone if you've got good skin or even just with a BB cream. Perfect for summer.

I've tried quite a few primers in the past as my base make up is one of the most important things to me, especially as I've got older. One my favourite was Benefit porefessional but  this is a little too heavy for all over coverage so I tended to use the porefessional just where I needed it and a cheaper one elsewhere, which was double the expense.This one is half the price of porefessional and you also get 5ml more.
All in all it's a fantastic make up base definitely gives you that staying power for your foundation and it's also great for evening out pores and fine lines. Like I said an all round winner!!!! 
What's your favourite primer? Is this also a winner for you or a loser?

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Garden project

As you know I've recently been on a non spending spree, so I have been spending my time titivating my garden. My aim has been to spend as little as possible in the process.
I really like the shabby chic style. So I used some up-cycling ideas from pinterest

I already had this old table.

Whilst rummaging through the shed and I found some old white paint.
And this is what it looked like after two coats of watered down paint.I haven't sealed the table as I want it to look weathered with age. I also had quite a few plastic plant pots hiding down the bottom of the garden, so I spruced them up with a bit of spray paint. I choose to stick to just the three colours. Adding just a touch of the pink here and there. If I get bored of the colours in the future I can always just respray them a different colour. I've bought a few plants and quite a few seeds. The plan is to let my granddaughter plant a few of them so she can watch them grow, she's only four and will love that she can water them whenever she comes round.

Going back to the up-cycling, my daughter had an old kitchen table a chair she no longer needed. And I thought as I don't have a table outside that we can eat at, this could be an option. I forgot to take any before pictures of it but it was like a teaky/aged pine type of colour (quite orangey). I sanded it down ( a lot!!) and then gave it a few coats of the white wash paint I used on the table. 
I didn't want it to be as white as the table and also I need this to be sealed so it would be waterproof as it isn't actually outdoor furniture. The result is still probably a little darker than I wanted but still a lot better than it originally was and we now have somewhere to eat, even if it lasts me a year it didn't cost anything.

I've still got a lot to do though. My fences are badly in need of doing but still waiting for a day when we stop having these awful April showers!!! in May!!!

My next project is to do something with my battered old bistro table which you can see I have neglected through the snow and it has ruined the tiles on the top. Not sure what to do with this yet. Will let you know.

Monday, 13 May 2013

A weekend with the Hubby

For Christmas I didn't know what to get my Husband, what do you get the man who has everything. Including a whole golf shop in my utility room!!! So I was mooching through Pinterest one day and I saw an idea on there for a gift of twelve dates (one every month). I thought this would be a fantastic idea. I spent quite some time deliberating on what to put into each envelope but eventually I got there. Some of them were really cheap and simple things and others were weekends away etc. The idea is he opens each envelope the first day of that every month, then we decide which actual date to do it on.
This month we had to squeeze two in as we couldn't make it last month. So to start with this weekend we went to the cinema Saturday night to see the very lovely Robert Downey Jnr as Iron Man 3 (think that was more of a present for me to be honest he he). 

Then on Sunday a spot of culture at the Museum and Art gallery followed by lunch at Cafe Rouge.

All in all it was a great weekend we both thoroughly enjoyed it, roll on next month. Next month's is a weekend away in a cottage in the Cotswolds as it's our 20th Wedding anniversary (where does the time go!!!)

Friday, 10 May 2013

Primark Heel wants

Primark heels with Primark Woven Heels, Diamante Trim Heels

New heels in Primark, not good when on a non spending spree. Why is that when you say no to yourself on something you always see things you need (or should I say want he he). Its going to be very difficult to restrain myself!!!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Lazy Bank holidays

 Had a lovely weekend with our very good friends in sunny old Manchester last weekend. We went up for a “long” bank holiday weekend and the sun decided to shine which was a very nice bonus. Had a lovely stroll along the canal. Great food and great company.
My non spending spree is sort of going ok. The garden project is definitely taking my mind off it for now at least.  Will try and take some pictures in between the showers that were predicted the next few days

Mini Liluu update
My little baby is almost 5 months old, where does the time go???? She had her flea/worming treatment yesterday. She hasn’t got to go back now till she is 6 months old for her next check up then we will be discussing her neutering. I’m not looking forward to that!!! I will also take some pictures of her as she is growing