Thursday, 28 March 2013

Where is Spring!!!

Popped in to Asda to see what they're Easter Egg selection was like. Ended up buying none and instead got this....

it grabbed my attention as I was walking past and it was only £15.00

 So I thought as its SO cold, why not, it will keep me warm this Easter and less calories than an egg, that's my theory anyway (he he)

Friday, 22 March 2013

Dorothy Perkins trip

Have had a little bit of retail therapy this week!!
I saw a dress online in Dorothy Perkins that I really liked and decided I would pop in store to try it on and as what usually happens they didn’t have it!!
Very disappointed I thought I would have a little browse around and found another dress I quite liked, tried it on and thought yep I will have that for my Holiday in the summer.
Navy Aztec fit and flare dress with a Aztec pattern and it only cost £18.00 It's a perfect day dress

Then stupidly carried on browsing and ended up buying these Navy espadrille peep mid wedge at £29.00 I got them in Navy as I have quite a bit of blue in my wardrobe that they will go nicely with.

Then as I was standing in the queue this caught my eye Ditsy 3 swallows necklace, thought it was quite cute and it only cost me £5.00. 
Then also spotted this sweet little gold coloured bracelet with the words "make a wish" written on it and it was reduced to £3.25. Bargain !!!!

So that was about it for my therapy trip to Dorothy Perkins

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Hair care

Few hair facts first

When I was younger I had very straight blonde hair, then through the good old 80s I had quite a few perms (like many did) and when it got to the 90s I decided to say goodbye to the curls and embrace the straightness. But as time went on my hair didn’t go back to being straight at all!!! Over the years it has just seemed to have got curlier!! Think this must be from my dad’s side of the family. The blonde darkened through my teens and to turned to brunette, which i now dye at home with good old nice & easy to try and get rid of those pesky greys!!!. My hair dry and very thick

LOVE everything about this shampoo and conditioner!!! It smells divine. As I have said I have dry hair and this shampoo is fantastic, a lot of shampoos leave my hair feeling very dry and quite brittle, almost like dolls hair. I hate shampoos that do that. This one doesn’t it is quite conditioning even on its own. Also it lasts me for quite some time, as I have thick hair with some shampoos it takes lots of product to even feel like I’ve washed my hair, but this doesn’t I only need a touch

I have tried the Liquid shine line before but it just didn’t do it for me like the brunette line. I felt I had to use more of the Liquid product. As for the shine I get a lot of comments on how shiny my hair is and the scent lasts for ages after. I don’t wash my hair everyday as it is dry it doesn’t actually need it, it doesn’t get greasy at all.

About once a month I use Umberto Giannini Frizzi recovery mask, it’s ok but it’s very scented when you first put it on. The scent reminds me of my sons aftershave when he was 16 or so but in the morning I can’t smell it that much. I think I prefer to use my normal conditioner its very nourishing and as I’ve already said smells amazing for days.

After I have towel dried my hair I then use this lovely trio!

First I use the leave in conditioner just to give my hair an extra moisture zap because as I said its dry, also I find this helps with the stray bits when I straighten it. At the moment I am using Dove Leave In Spray it’s not too bad actually, it does what it says on the bottle basically.

 I then just on the ends use TRESemme Liquid Gold just to help protect them. I saw this on someone’s blog ages ago and thought I would try it. I don’t usually like tresseme products but this one’s not too bad, it is going to last me for ages as I only use 3 pumps each time.

 After this it depends what I am going to do with my hair whether I use heat protector or not. Sometimes I just wash it and leave it curly. The heat protector I use is got2b guardian angel,  I adore the scent of this and it leaves my hair so soft afterwards

So that’s basically it

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Liluu update

 We have been to the vets for her last injection, she didn’t like it at all!!!! She cried. But that’s the last for a while now at least. She is 12 weeks now and really should have had her last injection a couple of weeks ago but my vets didn’t acknowledge the 1st injection she had (with the breeder) as it wasn’t one they use so she had to start again. So this put her behind 2 weeks.
We had the puppy starter package for her which cost me £79 from Manor vets it comprised of:-
First and second routine vaccinations
4 weeks free insurance from Pet Plan
Full health examination by the vet
Microchip identity inplant
Multi wormer
3 Flea, roundworm and lungworm treatments with advocate
Puppy Parties
6 month health check
20% off neutering
Starter bag of food
Puppy Toy

Unfortunately she will miss out on the puppy party as she will be too old when the next one is due. I think they are a fantastic idea thought to get your puppy used to being around other dogs, it’s such a shame she can't go. She hasn’t yet had the Microchip implant as she’s ever so small and she cried so much at just the vaccination that I couldn’t do it too her, she’s going to be such drama queen. So I am going to have it done when she is neutered instead. So now we’ve got to wait another week or so and then we can take her out. We've been trying to get her used to her harness but she really doesn’t like it she hates the lead even more. I don’t think we are going to get very far on her first walk as she won’t move!!! I will take my camera, at least she will stay still for some photos for a change. If anyone has got any suggestions with the lead/walking problem they would be very much appreciated, I don't remember having this problem with my other dog he was very eager to go walking.